Call for Case Managers: Online Lok Adalat by SAMA, MSLSA and World Bank: Apply by Sep 15


SAMA and Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority is inviting applications law students to act as Case Managers for Online Lok Adalat.

About the Opportunity

The Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority, in conjunction with SAMA as technology facilitator, is organising an Online Lok Adalat. 

It’s worth noting that DE JURE (Data and Evidence for Justice Reform, part of the World Bank Group ) is closely working with Sama as a knowledge partner to evaluate the effectiveness of Online Lok Adalats in India and conduct an impact assessment of this project on all stakeholders. It will be a great opportunity to be a part of the same.

You will gain first-hand dispute resolution experience and help bring tangible change to society while working with Sama and the Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority. The World Bank Group is also participating in this project as an independent evaluator for the effectiveness of Online Lok Adalats.

Who can Apply?

  • Law Students, who have access to internet and can commit for a period of 3 weeks.

Work Description

  1. Each case manager will be allocated one specific district where he/she will be managing the cases.
  2. Each case manager will be provided with case leads (Nature of dispute, Name of the parties- Claimant & Respondent, Contact Details) by MSLSA in his/her case management (CM) system on Sama, which can be accessed using your credentials which will be provided by Sama.
  3. Managing the cases involves-
    1. Sending the invitation to the respondent to participate in the lok adalat on email, message & WhatsApp. ( CM System will have the details)
    2. If the respondent does not provide consent over email/message/whatsapp, the Case Manager will call the respondent and explain to him/her the benefits of taking part in the Online Lok Adalat. For this purpose, a specific calling script will also be provided to case managers by Sama.
    3. If the other party consents, the case manager has to record the consent on the CM System.
    4. On the basis of consents received, MSLSA will prepare a cause list of pre-counselling sessions- which will contain the case number, date and time. On the basis of the Cause list issued by MSLSA, Sama will appoint each case manager to a specific set of cases.
    5. Once the case is allocated to the Case Manager, it will become an active dispute & will be visible in the CM system. The Case Manager will be responsible for end to end coordination.
    6. On the day of the specific case,the case manager will give a minimum of 2 reminders to each party that their matter is scheduled for that specific day.
    7. Pre-Counselling Session- Generate the Sama Video Conferencing (VC) Link through which parties can communicate with each other, or if VC is not possible, take all parties on a conference call. These sessions are generally for 30 minutes. Case Managers will be provided with a technical session by Sama, on how to use the user friendly Sama VC feature
    8. Shadow the judge during the discussion, and make notes. Ensure you do not interfere with the discussion, and speak only if required.
    9. If the parties reach an agreement during the pre-counselling session, the Judge will record it in the Lok Adalat Award and upload it on the Sama platform which you can access from your CM system.
    10. The case manager will trigger an e-signature. Once the parties e-sign the document, the final signed award needs to be uploaded on the CM system.
    11. Share feedback forms with the parties where they will provide a rating on the scale of 1 to 5 to the online lok adalat covering the process, satisfaction with settlement agreement and the Case Manager.


  1. A brilliant opportunity to shadow lok adalat judges and Sama Mediators in order to gain first-hand experience of how settlements happen in different matters such as divorce, loan, consumer etc.
  2. Each case manager will be provided with a certificate of internship for being the Case Manager for the Online Lok Adalat organized by Sama and Maharashtra State Legal Services, Authority, Government of Maharashtra (MSLSA), DE JURE (Data and Evidence for justice reform, part of the World Bank Group ) and enabling access to justice during the pandemic.
  3. The top 3 case managers will be rewarded with a sum of Rs. 5000, Rs. 3000, Rs. 2000 respectively.
  4. The top 2 case managers will become a part of the National Working Group for coordinating any future online lok adalats in association with Sama across the country with the National Legal Services Authority (Nalsa). The working group will consist of Retired Judges, Senior Advocates and Technologists.

(Note: Case Managers will not be provided with a remuneration)


  1. Till 16 September-  Sama Training for Case Managers; Training will consist of a 60-minute session where case managers will be provided a demonstration on the technical working of the platform, basics of a Lok Adalat, and how to coordinate with the parties to the dispute.
  2. 17th-24th September- Sending Invitations and recording consents; Each case manager will be allocated a specific number of cases for which invitations have to be sent, and if required, parties need to be sensitized about the Lok Adalat.
  3. Till 24th September Pre-Counselling Sessions, 10 AM – 5 PM
  4. Date of Lok Adalat -25th September.
  5. 26th September- Final Report Published with number of  cases resolved in the Online Lok Adalat 
  6. 26th to 2nd October- Feedback surveys will be conducted with the assistance of De Jure World Bank (as Official knowledge Partner of SAMA), of litigants, enterprises etc. who Participated in the Online Lok Adalat. 

How to Apply?

Click here for the form for Case Managers.


Applicants may apply for the positions by September 15th, 2021. 

Contact Information

  • Ajitesh Priyadarshi (Chief State Coordinator): +91 9135687335
  • Divyesh Rao (Case Management and Technical support Coordinator, SAMA): +91 8910228891 (Call)
  • For further queries, write to 

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