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Call for Blogs: Ministry of International Taxation Blog (MoIT): Rolling Submissions

By: Aprajita Karki | April 29, 2019
About the Blog

The Ministry of International Taxation (MoIT) is a blog aimed to initiate discussion and research on the law of international taxation. The dynamic nature of the area and the dearth of platforms prompted the editors to co-found this blog.

The aim is to help students, academics and practitioners access brief updates and engage in discussions on the most relevant issues in international taxation.

Submission Guidelines

MoIT accepts both opinion pieces and case reviews for MoIT. Posts which propose novel solutions or which have original, unique arguments of the authors are preferred.

The word limit for one post is 800-1500.

However, MoIT accepts longer pieces of around 2000-3000 words too, if the piece can be published in 2 distinct parts. Any uniform style of citation may be followed, and links to sources (cases, statutes, rules etc.) should be provided.

Submission Procedure

All submissions must be mailed to mininttax[at]gmail.com.


In case of any queries, please contact:

Ms. Shannon Khalkho: +91 8757630093

Mr. Siddarth Chokkalingam: +91 9886539882

Important link
The website link is here.

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