Call for Blogs by Law Daily by The Centre for Social Legal Research (CSLR): Submit by Apr 1


Law Daily, the flagship blog of CSLR (The Centre for Social Legal Research) is inviting submissions by way of a Call for Blogs.

About CSLR

The Centre for Social Legal Research (CSLR) was established in 2020 with an aim to address the existing social issues and address them with a legal lens by encouraging empirical research in the field of law and policymaking and providing students across the country with a hands-on experience of the existing inequalities through the means of research.

The Law Daily is the flagship blog of CSLR that publishes articles related to the field of law throughout the year and aims towards accommodating every qualitative submission to create an open-access platform for legal news.


Any contemporary issue, Socio-Legal topic or analysis of recent judgment or order passed by the Supreme Court.

Submission Guidelines

Categories (Not Limited To):

  • Articles
  • Research pieces
  • Policy analysis
  • Opinions
  • Case comments, and
  • Short notes


  • Co-authorship:  Up to two authors are allowed.
  • Word Limit: 500 to 1000 words. 
  • Font Style: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12, Line Spacing: 1. 5
  • References: The references must be in the form of hyperlinks. Hyperlinks should be provided to all supporting materials and legal texts for the benefit of the readers.
  • Format: The article should be attached in .doc i.e. word format in the form.
  • The content will be subjected to a “Plagiarism Test” (Plagiarism shall invite the blacklisting of the author).

For detailed guidelines refer here.

Review Process

  1. The author will receive an acknowledgement mail once the article is submitted. 
  2. The article is then evaluated on the basis of content, relevance, language, and writing style.
  3. If the idea is accepted, we take the article forward.
  4. Now the article is sent to 2 of the editorial board members.
  5. The editors-in-chief go through the articles and give further comments and thereafter the piece is selected for final publication.
  6. If any changes are required, it is sent back to the author for revisions at this stage. 
  7. Once we receive a final draft, the piece is published.
  8. Please note, it may take around 7 working days for you to receive an initial response from the editors.

How to Submit?

By filling the Google Form.

Contact Us

All correspondence and queries related to the blog may be addressed to and 

Click here for the official website.


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