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About the Tech Law Forum @ NALSAR

The Tech Law [email protected] NALSAR Blog is a branch of [email protected], an initiative of the students of NALSAR with the support of the NALSAR Administration. The initiative is aimed at creating and promoting an environment of discussion and debate on Technology Law related issues in India, in both the technological and legal fields. We considered various options but finally decided to go with a blog as the very nature of Technology Law requires a dynamic platform, which can respond immediately to any developments. We also felt that we would get much more actual readership with a blog, rather than a journal or other such traditional forms of scholarship. 

Currently, the Blog is staffed by four editors, who were selected after a two-stage test open to all the students of NALSAR, judged by Swaraj Paul Barooah, the Editor-in-Chief of SpicyIP. Swaraj is also acting as the advisor for the blog. All of our members have previous experience in the field of Technology Law. You can find out more about the Editors in our About Us page HERE. We are also in the process of finalizing collaborations with other leading law schools as well as engineering schools for regular contributions to the blog. 

Along with entertaining submissions, the Forum also aims to provide a ready commentary on recent developments in the field from its own Editors, and to link readers to other interesting resources and articles. The Editors will therefore be writing posts on a regular basis on relevant topics, writing a series a of posts explaining basic Technology Law issues, specifically in the Indian perspective, and  and sending out an ‘editors picks‘ selection (accessible HERE) of relevant online articles every week. Comments on all posts are always welcome.

The Commons

The Forum Editors are also developing a section on the Blog titled “The CommonsHERE, which is a diverse and cohesive collection of  links to Creative Commons and Public Domains resources related to Technology Law. The Commons is an open resource, for anyone who wishes to use it, and recommendations for additions to it are always welcome.

Submissions to the Forum

The Forum is open for submissions from students, academicians and practitioners from the fields of technology and law, both, on relevant issues, and we invite posts from anyone who is interested in contributing. We recommend that you hyperlink sources rather than footnote them, and if you find any particularly interesting articles, please include them as ‘recommended readings’ at the end of the posts. We prefer the submissions to be approximately 800 words, and if the post is longer, we would seriously recommend making it a two-part post.

You can mail your submissions to [email protected]

You can find our Facebook Group HERE or our Facebook Page HERE, or you can follow us on Twitter by accessing our handle HERE.


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