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Call for Blog: Constitutional Law Society of NLU, Odisha: Submission on Rolling Basis

By: Aprajita Karki | February 20, 2019

Call for Blog: Constitutional Law Society of NLU, OdishaAbout the society: 

The Constitutional Law Society of National Law University Odisha was established in 2018 with a vision to provide a platform for public discourse and deliberation vis-à-vis Constitutional Law.

Constitutional Law Society NLUO is proud to announce the launch of our blog which coincides with our endeavour to supplement an accessible forum for intellectual discourse and shape the discussion of the most important and relevant issues pertaining to constitutional through a meticulous scholarship selection and editing process.

About the blog:

This blog is a student-edited, peer-reviewed and a completely open access blog maintained by the Constitutional Law Society, NLUO. We are glad to invite posts from students, researchers, academicians, legal practitioners, and those who support the cause to further the objectives of CLS.

We aim at producing literary pieces that shall examine issues through an analytical eye and make for an interesting read. Entries which come up with a creative and enriching outlook on contemporary constitutional issues shall be appreciated.

Submission guidelines:

  • Interested authors are requested to send their submissions in .doc/.docx format to cls[at]nluo.ac.in.
  • Submissions which address contemporary issues in Constitutional Law or view the subject matter from a comparative constitutional law perspective are strongly encouraged and shall be preferred.
  • Submissions should be precise and the maximum word limit is 1000 with no minimum cap (exclusive of endnotes).
  • Authors must use endnotes and not footnotes.
  • The submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, with no final date of submission.
  • An article can be co-authored by a maximum of two people.
  • The selected entries shall be published on the CLS NLUO blog and the authors of the selected submissions shall be granted with an e-certificate of publication.

Contact: In case of any queries, feel free to contact us on +91-9468631470 or drop a mail at cls[at]nluo.ac.in.

For full details, click here.

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