Call for Applications: Student Editorial Board, Intersectionality [Student Bloggers]: Apply by Feb 20

Call for Applications: Student Editorial Board, Intersectionality


INTERSECTIONALITY (name tentative), a new ambitious blog on caste, gender and law, invites involvement of students and faculty to share the passion to understand and critique the structural and everyday injustice of social life in India and responding to them through mediums of writing, photos, storytelling and films.

The main language of the blog will be English but we welcome writing in India’s myriad languages and in many forms such academic papers to poetry and storytelling.

Studies on caste, religion and gender have evolved dynamically over the last few decades in India.

However, intersectional nature of identities, oppression and struggles need to be studied to respond to the interwoven complexities such as caste and gender, sexuality and poverty that affect individuals and groups in manners that yet remain to be conceptualized by academic discourses.

INTERSECTIONALITY believes in looking at these disciplines not from individuated and isolated lenses but from a poststructuralist understanding, in an attempt to unpack the inextricable web of interrelations between these structures.

Patriarchy as a phenomenon, although universal, cannot be analysed from a singular framework, and needs a closer engagement from a multi-dimensional paradigm, such as from a religion-caste-gender nexus.

Similarly, study of caste or religion remains limited without understanding the role of gender and sexuality in preservation of the structures and hierarchies within them.

INTERSECTIONALITY will feature articles, research papers, opinion pieces, surveys, book reviews and other academic writing from students and faculty.

While the primary subjects of the blog will be caste, gender and law, it hopes to feature work on allied themes of poverty, identity- from religious to sexual, political mobilisation and social justice.

Apart from scholarship, INTERSECTIONALITY caters to give a space for dissent, resistance and freedom for academic thought as well as for creative expressions.

The blog will create an archive of

Personal Stories

Photo essays

Short film (up to two minutes)

Newsfeed (from the newspapers and beyond)

Activist katta (ongoing struggles, legal cases, upcoming demonstrations)


We invite participation from students for the Student Editorial Board.

As integral members of INTERSECTIONALITY, students are expected to show deep level of commitment and perseverant efforts in running, organizing and editing articles, essays, comments and papers sent for publication.

We hope to receive and work with individuals who are as enthusiastic and passionate in unravelling these disciplines from an intersectional framework and look forward to engaging with you.

The Role and Responsibilities of the Student Editors

1. Checking the Submissions email everyday

2. Uploading writing and other expressions to the blog

3. Making primary decisions on the merit of a written piece

4. Send conditional acceptance and written feedback for improving an article

5. Language and content edit of the articles, stories and other writing accepted

6. Actively pursuing articles, stories

i. sending the information of the blog to a wide range of student body.

ii. Looking for like-minded student groups and pursue them to write for us

7. Newsfeed; check newspapers every day and report on the news of caste, gender

i. dig for news beyond what is written in the newspaper

ii. Follow up on activist networks for news of ongoing struggles, legal cases, rallies, demonstrations etc for the Activist Katta

Application Procedure

If you wish to apply as a student editor for the blog, please send us your

1. C.V.

2. A Statement of Purpose (why you would like to be a student editor for this blog)

3. A writing sample ( that shows your analytical and style of writing).

These documents are to be sent in Word.docx to [email protected]


The deadline for the same in 20th February, 2016.

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