Internship Experience @ Breakthrough NGO, Lucknow: Work on Women Empowerment, Field Visits


Aparna Singh, New Law College, Pune

BBA LLB 2nd Year

Internship Duration

1st June to 30th June, 2015

Name of the Organisation

Breakthrough NGO, Lucknow

My Experience

Internship are an integral part of course in law .and in the second  semester of my 1st year, I wanted to work in an NGO. I searched for it online and I found it on lawctopus that break through is working for women empowerment.

I was willing to go for the same as by getting in to it, I’ll get to know the related issues closely and would be obliged if I can give my part towards it. Me and one of my friend visited this NGO. A house where 5 or 6 people group was working in different rooms and we met one their member Krati.

Interaction with her made us more keen and desperate to work with them and I will be thankful to break through NGO for such a knowledgeable experience of one month. 1st june 2015 it was when I enrolled in break through.

First day was for all of us, other college students were also there. We all were sitting in a conference room. Krati Ma’am and Sunil Sir made us play one game. He lit one candle and said that this burning candle is a village which is getting burned and we have to stop the burning by blowing it, sitting very far from the candle.

Well it was a month programme but I have mentioned the days which made me fell special being the part of breakthrough.


1. Firstly it was a police station headquarters. My first visit in this type of branch. We came up to many new things and it was a very learned experience.

It was basically related to the issues of children and women and there precaution and what sought of behaviour should be maintained with them in police station and we came to know some new things which are related to our bookish knowledge as per as our lives also.

2. Than we have visited 1090, a famous helpline for women  in  Lucknow, located near Ambedkar Park. The infrastructure was very beautiful. They had a large strength of people working.

It is a one-state-one-number-service to handle cases of harassment by vulgur and abusive callers and stalkers in Uttar Pradesh, India which works 24×7. The important feature of 1090 is that phone call will be attended by lady police officers, no need to visit any police station or office to lodge a complaint or appear for hearing.

Until and unless the problem is solved, police will keep in touch with the victim at least for a month. They showed us the functioning and how does it work within 24 hrs location of caller is identified. Therefore he is counselled properly either on phone or advised to call on the officer of helpline. Feedback is also obtained by the complainant within 48hrs form the complaint. After 7 days feedback is obtained and after 40 days case is closed.

3. Then it was Mahila Pratishthan. We met the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) and she was also the head of Uttar Pradesh Women Commission and Mr. Satya Singh, a police inspector told us about some cases which were brought to them for help.

They have separate legal advisory branch where legal advices are being given. They told us about their next plan towards the state. They needed volunteers from every town so that if there is any problem with a girl or if there is any help required, Mahila Pratishthan will be there to help them and they even asked from us to participate in this programme. The 7 of us were always ready to help.

Street Play

Then the prepration and practice of street play (Nukad Natak) begin for campaign – BELL BAJAO ANDOLAN.

The best part of the entire internship or you can say best time spent in the month. We all were handed with our responsibility for campaign. I was given the incharge for distributing the pamplets and making every one sign with their contact number and location and their occupation in a register in which it was mentioned that they are supporting this campaign and ready to help the needy.

We all were ready with our stuffs and we all wore black T-shirt of breakthrough in which it was written safety, freedom , trust #askingforit. Campaign was going to be organized in Hazratgaj.  Hazratganj is the crowdest area of Lucknow. Especially famous for delicascies.

In that crowdy area we had to perform our street play and plus I had to circulate our pamplets as well and make them sign it too. And in those seconds only, we had to make our point clear of what we are talking about and we want from the audience.

Going to people and having there views towards women was strange as well as helpful too. Strange because we all are well versed with the problems girls are facing and being a girl and citizen of this country I thought it would be easy for me to converse with our people, but it was not so.

Many of them were not even interested to listen as if we are asking for their money. No we just wanted a minute or some seconds but the behavior of  responsible citizens was quite unexpected and not justified. But on the other hand there were some people who were interested in listening us, guards of the shop or even the owner of the renowned hotel moti mehal gave good response.

It took me around an hour or more than that to complete this task but at the end our task was helpful for breakthrough, hopefully.

The entire month was very tiring but at the end, I was in peace that I have done something and it was worth doing it. I have never thought working in a NGO can be so exciting. We all were a family and still are connected with each other on whatsapp group. After the completion of our internship month we all were back to our respected colleges but breakthrough is still working on the same. Women empowerment.

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