Boston, We Too Have Amputated Legs

By Tanuj Kalia

We Too Have Amputated Legs

We too have amputated legs
But they don’t become news
Because we have too many of them.

Yes us, India and Pakistan,
We amputate each other,
We hate the conjoined-twins tag.

Yes the news from Boston is sad
But well, from India and from Pakistan:
Congratulations Boston, for making it to the news.

We aren’t that lucky
Our amputated legs don’t make stories
They make food for vultures
Or maybe figures in a government report.

Vultures and Reports,
We have too many of them.

And yes Boston, we’ll cry for you
Because we don’t cry in self pity now
That has been outsourced
To journalists from abroad.

amputated legs, boston, marathon, bombing, tragedy
brown man’s amputated legs



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