Lawctopus Law School is Starting a Book Club!


Is ‘reading more’ your New Year’s resolution this year?

What’s better than reading, you might think?

It is sharing while you’re reading.

That is why Lawctopus Law School is starting a book club! 

In the legal field, we read primarily through statues, cases, and commentaries. However, there are a ton of books written on/around law which makes it very interesting to read and helps us understand it differently. 

We want to read all of that with you.

Here is the plan:

  • We’ll be reading one book a month and discussing it.
  • We will have a theme for a month and will read a book from that theme. Such as Constitutional Law, International Law, IBC etc.
  • Meetings would be once in a week/two weeks (for about an hour).
  • At the end of the month, we would also look to invite an external member/author to discuss the book.

Please note that this is a tentative plan, as the club progresses we’ll be tweaking things based on what works for everyone.

We want to make this a members’ run club, where we read and share what we learnt. Note that this is free of cost and that we won’t be providing the books. You will have to source them yourself.

Please apply if you are interested, and can take out some time to read each month (it won’t be a lot! But will require consistency)

Fill this form if you want to be a part of the book club.

For any queries please write to us at


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