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Internship Experience @ Bihar Judicial Academy, Patna: Research Work, Good for Judicial Services’ Aspirants

By: legitripathi | March 4, 2018

Bihar Judicial Academy Internship Experience

Name: Aashirwaad Tripathi a student of 3rd Year of K.L.E Society’s Law College, Bangalore.

Organisation: Bihar Judicial Academy.

Duration & Timings: The internship was from 10th January 2017 to 30th January 2017 & the timing was from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

How to Apply: I went through a personal contact of mine, but one can apply by mailing his/her CV @ [email protected]

First-day impression:

First day I had to face a short interview with the Asst. Director (research & training) Dr. Atul Sinha sir,  where he asked me questions on my previous course subjects and then he assigned me a research work on the very 1st day itself.

One can have the access to the library of the academy which has the rarest of the rare collections of various authors.

Note: One must carry his/her recommendation letter from the college.

Main Tasks:

The whole internship was an armchair research, as I already got my work I started it on the very first day, but that’s not the end you may be surprised at any point of time by a round of rapid fire questions from any of the fresh recruited judges who are completing their training over there, so be prepared, the environment is pro-research, people were very kind and helpful, though I submit my research within 15 days, with a hope of some appreciation I was awarded a second research.

I would suggest to my law buddies who aspire to join the judicial services must intern in a judicial academy to know the in & out of it.

Though you are an intern you will be in an environment surrounded by fresh judges. I also had an interactive session with the Director of BJA who is none other but the CJI of Patna HC, that was very much inspiring for me.

Accommodation & food:

I stayed in a near by PG as iIam from U.P. moreover the academy provides paid lunch only.

Good things about the Bihar Judicial Academy internship:

There was a lot to learn and opportunities to make big contacts & last but not the least the respect which you get there by everyone.

Bad thing:

I was asked by many people whether I am from a National Law school or not, I do not  know about them but I don’t think it makes any difference anywhere as my research was very much appreciated, like any other NLU student.

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The Bihar Judicial Academy website is here.

The internship page is here.

bihar judicial academy internship

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