Interview With Bhaven Shah of Presolv 360, India’s First Dispute Management Platform #AgamiInterviews

Presolv360 has the privilege of being India’s first ‘Dispute Management Platform’. They offer a wide range of services that are cost-effective and provide the most efficient way possible to deal with disputes.  

It has been shortlisted as a candidate for the prestigious Agami Prize owing to its groundbreaking innovations in the field of dispute management.

We, at Lawctopus, dig deeper and ask Bhaven Shah, co-founder of Presolv 360, to shed more light on what sets them apart.

bhaven shah, presolv360
Bhaven Shah

Q]  Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello! I am Bhaven Shah, co-founder of Presolv360, India’s first virtual dispute management platform. I have “studied” law and I am also a Chartered Accountant.

To my surprise and to the surprise of all my friends, I secured a rank in my chartered accountancy exam which led me to work with KPMG in their mergers & acquisition and tax litigation practice.

As wild as it sounds, one day I walked into my partner’s cabin and resigned – but that decision has been one of the best ones I’ve taken since it led me to co-found Presolv360.

Q]  As a majority of our readers are young college students tell us something about your college life.

I pursued graduation in commerce from H. R. College of Commerce & Economics. I entered college fresh out of school, as a shy boy of 16 from an all-boys school, and the first day, actually the entire first year itself, was like being lost in a kumbh ka mela’.

But what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. And I decided that in the 2nd year I’ll make up for the 1st year as well and decided to do everything I feared – right from participating in inter-collegiate events to signing up for organizational roles, to going for excursions, to making absolutely crazy friends and oh yes, a little bit of studying too. After that, I’ve never looked back.

Law came to me by legacy. In a heavily-litigated personal matter, a Supreme Court Judge (now retired) said to me in open court “Son, your father started this case and your child will have to conclude it.” And this was after 29 years of fighting tooth and nail in Indian courts.

The harsh reality is that legal cases in India last a lifetime and have a propensity to wipe out all your resources, and I faced this first hand. I didn’t want to suffer in the future, I didn’t want others to suffer. So, I decided to pursue law and enrolled myself in the Government Law College, Mumbai.  

College years are those when you can experiment, learn, make mistakes, develop connections and find yourself. These are also the years that shape how the rest of your life is going to be and when I look back, I am grateful for what these years had to offer and where they’ve led me to.

 Q]  Presolv 360 offers a wide range of services for dispute management. Tell us about some of them.

As the name suggests, Presolv360 is focused on ‘pre’-solving disputes.

It is a unique concept and we have built something that blends technology, human expertise, and innovation to provide effective solutions for individuals, businesses and even governments, to prevent and resolve disputes before they spiral into full-blown court battles.

We offer:

PRESOLV DIRECT For resolving disputes

If any person or an organization has any existing disputes (whether pending in court or likely to be submitted to the court), we assist them in resolving them out of court, in a way that is faster, cheaper and better.

PRESOLV SECURE For protection from future disputes

This one is unique and we are really kicked about this offering. With PresolvSecure, you can safeguard yourself from court or media trials by opting for a plan depending on your contract value and number of parties to the agreement, any agreement.

For a small annual commitment fee, we will assist the parties in resolving their disputes at no additional costs to the parties. In effect, you are saved from prohibitive costs, traumatic experiences, time-consuming processes and ruined relationships, and instead, you have a speedy and effective resolution that is both convenient and cheap.

PRESOLV REVIEW For preventing disputes

Preventing disputes is one of our key objectives. Our experts review your agreement and make suitable suggestions so that you can enjoy a dispute-free relationship at the most affordable costs. Very importantly, in our review report, we demystify legal language and jargons so that people from a non-legal background can understand what is contained in their agreement.

Q]  What has Presolv360’s journey been like till now?

Namita, Aman and I (co-founders of Presolv360), left our well-paying corporate jobs to pursue this entrepreneurial journey.

And let me tell you this, a corporate job is like sitting in an airplane with the seatbelt buckled, whereas the entrepreneurial path is like jumping from that airplane and learning how to build a parachute along the way, literally!

We knew what was at stake, but what made us jump anyway was the desire of finding a solution apt for a country like India, with its myriad of cultures, traditions, beliefs and functioning mechanisms.

In fact, it is these very challenges that contributed towards shaping Presolv360, as much as it has contributed towards shaping us as individuals. It is rewarding going to bed each night, that we’ve utilized the day in starting a revolution, however small, and are progressing towards our vision.

 To sum it up, I’d say this: we believe that we are at the right place – ‘India’, at the right time – ‘now’, and doing the right thing – ‘Presolv360’. Even if we could go back, we’d do the exact same thing all over again, because that is exactly what has got us this far and what will continue to take us further.


Q]  What have been the successes for Presolv and how did you’ll achieve them?

Since we are a young company, it seems that our impact is little considering the larger scheme of things. But let me give you a glimpse of what difference we make in somebody’s life.

    • An accident claim pending for a decade was disbursed to a widow in a few weeks’ time;
    • After saving lakhs of rupees that would otherwise be spent in a court battle, a landlord and tenant have today begun a business together;
    • Estranged brothers who did not look eye-to-eye, just celebrated Diwali as a family;
    • A senior citizen who has trouble walking (leave aside carrying heaps of documents) is on the verge of settling his property dispute from the comfort of his home;
    • An insurance company retained a client despite rejecting a claim when we facilitated a resolution which entailed educating the customer the difference between theft and burglary.  

Every dispute that successfully passes through Presolv360 has an extensive impact and we measure our success in terms of the joy and contentment we feel knowing that we have made somebody’s life better. Besides, our happy clients pay us to do what we love.  

Q] The challenges that Presolv has come across?

Our biggest challenge is this – to take people from “I will see you in Court” to “Let’s talk and sort”. The other challenges are lack of awareness and bridging the gap between law and technology. On one hand, 19th-century laws prevail even today, and on the other hand, technology is ever-evolving.

Having said that, we are striving hard to narrow this gap, and when we set our minds to something, we find some great friends along the way who inspire you, perspire for you and guide you to make a difference.

I strongly urge your readers to see the work being done by Mr. Sriram Panchu, Mr. Prathamesh Popat, Mr. Sachin Malhan and his team at Humlab.

The government under the leadership of our Prime Minister and our Law Minister has undertaken path-breaking initiatives such as ‘Aadhaar’, improving the ‘Ease of Doing Business’, ‘Digital India’, tackling logjam in courts and bettering the business and investment climate of the country.

It is also important to understand that, for India to tackle this grave problem, a concerted partnership is required between all stakeholders –potential and existing lawyers and disputants, governments, judiciary and facilitators like us.

This will ensure that only those matters worthy of the courts’ attention and judicial resources will find a place on the docket, while the remaining are dealt with in a systematic, civilized and optimal manner. This way, courts can dispense justice, governments can govern, businesses can flourish, and the citizens can enjoy a stress-free life.

Besides, this government has been an enabler and a key contributor to the budding entrepreneurial spirit in India. In fact, Presolv360 is privileged to be recognised by the Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, and listed on the website of the Department of Justice.

Besides, Presolv360 has also been recognised under the Start-Up scheme of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Q] Between Presolv Review, Direct and Secure, which one has proven to be the most sought-after service and why?

No prizes for guessing — it is PresolvSecure.

It is garnering most interest from people and businesses for the simple reason that everybody wants to focus on their businesses and nobody wants to be dragged into court or media trials, that not only drains resources but also causes tremendous damage to their reputation.

So why not leave the hassle to the experts and commit to a peaceful and civil way of resolving disputes? And that too, when it is economical, easily accessible from any desk-based or handheld devices, and extremely efficient.    

Q] The ‘Presolv For All’ project is a wonderful pro bono initiative. I am sure our readers would like to know more about it.

It is a wonderful story that led us to undertake the ‘Presolv for All’ Project. A poor lady had lost her husband in a tragic motor accident but unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of her tragedy. What followed were years of torturous litigation where she had to re-live the death of the bread-winner on one hand, and, on the other, raise three young children, repay debts and work to keep her family fed.

There was negligible progress for several years and going by precedents, it would be at least another decade before she would receive any relief from the courts. Presolv360 facilitated an amicable settlement and within a few weeks, she received the compensation. With tears in her eyes, she said: “Thank you for saving me!”. At that very moment, we decided to undertake this initiative, so we, as a community, can enjoy a litigation-free future.

Under the ‘Presolv for All’ project, we extend our services free of cost and assist persons from low-income groups (annual income of less than Rs. 1 lakh) to resolve their disputes out of court.

I encourage all readers to become a part of these efforts and refer such matters here and together, let’s help as many as we can. I can assure you that the joy and satisfaction in making that difference in somebody’s life is inexpressible.  

Q] Please tell us about your team.

Along with me, Namita Shah and Aman Sanghavi are the cornerstones of Presolv360.

While Namita is a lawyer, chartered accountant and a CPA from the USA, Aman hails from the insurance and management background and is also a Certified Mediator from IICA, Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Presolv360 is guided by a distinguished Board of Advisors and Mentors comprising of:

  • Mr Ashok Barat, former Managing Director and CEO, Forbes and Company Ltd. He is currently on the Board of several listed companies and is passionate about making mediation the primary form of dispute resolution.
  • Ms Tanu Mehta, Legal Counsel, Mediator and Conciliator recognized by the Bombay High Court and is an MA in Conflict Resolution & Mediation from Tel Aviv University, Israel.
  • Ms Rajani Iyer has been designated a Senior Counsel by the Bombay High Court and is a Mediator with over 4 decades of experience in dispute resolution.

Presolv360 is powered by a team with unbreakable spirit and the determination to change the way India and her citizens deal with disputes.

Q] How can law students and young lawyers be a part of Presolv360?

Presolv360 welcomes all those who have a zeal to learn, determination to make a difference and dedication to make it happen. The Presolv360 team share a strong bond, great chemistry and a drive to build a financially rewarding, socially impactful and a valuable enterprise.

There is enough, and more, an opportunity for students as well as young lawyers to grow with Presolv360. The one quality we look for is the spirit and dedication to go above and beyond, be inspired by the vision and take the initiative to do what it takes to get the work done.

If this resonates with you, connect with me on LinkedIn and convince us that you are willing to take Presolv360 above and beyond.  

Q] What does the future road-map look like for Presolv 360?

For the next few months, our primary focus will be to grow the market for PresolvSecure — a completely new and revolutionary product in the legal tech space. We will also work on creating awareness and making our collaborative dispute resolution services accessible to as many people as possible.

All this while constantly expanding and upgrading our team and technology, and constantly innovating for world-class dispute prevention solutions. The organization strategy will always centre around our goal of not only seeking to serve our customers but constantly striving to amaze them!

Q]  Any suggestion or advice for future entrepreneurs and innovators?

Yes, I’d like to share a line that made me turn around my entire life:

‘Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right!’

No one is given a good life or a bad life, we are all just given a life, and it is on us to make it good, bad, or extraordinary. So, unbuckle the seatbelt, step out of your comfort zone, and jump from the airplane – there’ll be troubled weather along the way, maybe a risk of losing it all, but the view and the experience will make it worthwhile!

Q] Any books, movies or resources that have inspired you to achieve your goals?

I believe inspiration is all around us, all we need is an open mind and a ‘never giving up’ attitude. My biggest source of inspiration is ‘failure stories’.

Believe it or not, I read failure stories as much, if not more, as success stories, because learnings lie in failures. And those who succeed are only those who can move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. It is such stories that inspire me on rainy days and encourage me during clear skies.

Interview by Nirjhar Bhattacharya.


Agami PrizeThe Agami Prize will be awarded to innovations and entrepreneurial initiatives that can exponentially increase quality, effectiveness, access, and inclusion in and around law and justice. Read more here.


This post was first published on: 29 Nov 2018

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