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How to Safeguard Your Ideas: Use Copyrights and Trademarks [50% Discount Offer]

How when one gets robbed or cheated, how angry and shattered one feels! Well it’s the same when someone steals your company name or ideas or logos and you feel helpless and disappointed. In order to NOT to go through such distress and regret, one should legally protect one’s business and work. Here these intellectual property rights trademarks and copyrights come into play.

Now, to begin with, both Copyrights and Trademarks are forms of Intellectual Property. There is a thin line between copyright and trademarks which usually creates confusion. The major difference which parts copyrights from trademarks in an organization is Copyright is used to protect the intellectual doings and right of the creator while Trademark is used to safeguard the peculiar mark of the organization, i.e. logo , sign etc in order to outstand the identity of the organization in public and prevent others to use the same.

Trademarkclick, as the name suggests, is a firm just one click away from helping and register copyrights and trademarks for anyone in need. In order to create awareness and promote the importance of these Intellectual Rights. On the occasion of WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DAY, Trademarkclick takes great pleasure to announce a FLAT 50% discount on our filing charges of Trademark & Copyright valid from 22-26th April 2019 to avail the offer please follow the website trademarkclick.com.

We also take great pride in announcing An Interactive session which will be held on 26th of April 2019 at PHD House Hauz Khas, New Delhi in collaboration with Latest Laws as our media partner, Ideashacks as community partner and Anliveda Yoga as Wellness Partners.

This session would throw a light on what are intellectual property rights, the difference between trademarks and copyrights, the benefits of using them in a broader aspect. It will also embrace the knowledge, that no matter how small or big an organization or firm is one should definitely legally secure it and choose intellectual property rights like trademarks and copyrights for their business. And how it not only helps to create an edge but also prevents other firms to take up and copy your hard work and unique ideas.


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