CONTEST: The Best Law CV in India: Send in by April 5; Get Internships and Jobs, Wide Recognition, Learn from Others



The packaging of our professional selves.

What makes for a good CV? We have devoted articles after articles (as have other quality resources) into this.

However, we see CVs of all forms and shapes, quality and non-quality, various font sizes and whatnot.

Since we also hire people (both for internal and external needs), we come across CVs, which make us go wow! Some CVs make us go yuck!

To inform and inspire people about what this ‘most important document of our professional selves’ (it’s ok if you disagree) can look like, we are organizing the ‘Best Law CV in India’ contest. And we believe it can be a game-changer!

What if instead of just posting job openings on Lawctopus, we publicize your CVs too?

The game changes.

It will be you who’s now being approached by recruiters!

How does it work?

We have 2 categories for this competition:

  • Law student category (for undergraduate and post-graduate students of law)
  • Professionals

Your CV will be rated on the below accounts:

  • Substance (actual skills and achievements depending on experience, content)
  • Style (formatting, presentation)

Send in your 2-page CV with the subject line ‘CV competition’. Along with the CV, please send a declaration that the information you have provided in your CV is true to your knowledge.

We’ll display the best CVs on Lawctopus.

What purpose does this competition serve?

  • Inform and inspire people about what top-notch CVs can look like and do for a recruiter.
  • Increase the number of job/internship opportunities for people whose CVs are displayed.
  • Get online/work-from-home opportunities in these Corona times.
  • Increase the number of mentorship opportunities for senior professionals whose CVs are displayed.


1. Are there no confidentiality issues?

We don’t think so. It does you no harm if your CV is up on a public platform.

Your details like phone number and CV are anyway up on various social media platforms. If you are uncomfortable sharing your contact details, you can remove them from your CV.

2. What if my CV is bad? Won’t it hamper my chances of getting jobs or internships?

Please don’t worry. We have your best interests in mind. We won’t be publishing such CVs.

Also, don’t worry about getting everything done perfectly. Check once, twice, and thrice and then send. A tiny mistake can be ignored for a sincere, great effort.

3. Who’ll be evaluating the CVs?

Our founding CEO Tanuj Kalia.

His experience in evaluating CVs dates back to his tenure at the placement committee of NUJS, and then at AUD. He has also been involved in hiring for internal requirements at Lawctopus, and for external legal clients.

Tanuj has interacted with 1000s of students and legal professionals on these very issues. He is also the author of the book ‘Law as a Career‘ (published by LexisNexis).

4. Is there any particular style in which we should make our CV?

No. Feel free to research online for a style you like. One of the purposes of this competition is to introduce law students and professionals to various CV formats.

5. How will I get these jobs and internships?

Law firms, lawyers, companies, startups are all looking for quality legal talent. Publicizing your CV on Lawctopus will help you reach many eyeballs which can translate into internship and job offers.

We’ll be posting these CVs as a post on Lawctopus with a title like “Aditya Anand’s CV: The Legal Writing Expert“. You can expect many people who require legal writing jobs to contact Aditya if they like his CV.

If you have any other concerns, please leave a comment below.


Disclaimer: WEF April, 2021, Lawctopus will not publish any 'Call for Papers/Blogs' by journals that charge money at the time of submission. If you find any journal doing so, please intimate us at tanuj.kalia[at]

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.


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