Internship Experience @ Bechu Kurian & Co, Kochi, Kerala: Proactive Mentoring


Parvathy Manoj


Bechu Kurian & Co., Kochi, Kerala; Team consists of 6.

You can learn more about the firm here.

The location of the firm can be found here.

Application Process

I personally applied through one of the associates.

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But one can directly send their CV to the following email :

Send the CV a month prior to the month in which you wish to intern. They intake minimal interns. So, the earlier one applies, the higher the chances of getting in.

Once selected, one will receive a confirmation mail. If you reside in the same city, you can even visit the office before the internship begins for getting acquainted. This would enhance one’s rapport with the firm.


June 1st, 2015 – June 29th 2015

First Day

The office is situated in Panampilly Nagar, one of the most posh localities of Kochi. So as fixed , I went to the office at 9 A.M. The associates were only arriving.

The interiors amazed me. it was simple yet elegant. The office is fully air conditioned (which was a huge relief in the scorching summer heat).

Later, around 9.30, the head of the office, Mr. Bechu Kurian (son of Rtrd. Supreme Court Judge Mr. K.T.Thomas) arrived. He is a very pleasant person, who is keen on teaching interns. He ensures that the interns do not sit idle.
After this, all the other associates arrived.

There were two other interns joining on the same day. We were all called to his cabin and he briefed us on all prime cases that were expected to be taken up for hearing that day. Around 10 am, we left for the High Court. Being the first day, Court hours were really boring as we weren’t accustomed to the system.

Around 4 pm, we went back to the office. All the interns were made to sit in an associates cabin, each supplied with a table and chair.

We were all then called to sir’s cabin and he asked us to do some basic reading on the Limitation Act. Later that day, we also calculated the limitation period to file a particular case. Being the first day, we could go home early.

Main tasks

One can learn numerous tasks related to law and courts in this firm.

We were made to draft writ petitions, affidavits, legal notices, complaints etc. We were also made to Research on various laws.

Our work is always valued and appreciated. That in itself is a huge boost. We visited consumer courts, CBI court, etc. We would also make briefs on cases that are proposed to be taken in the coming week.


The work environment is peaceful and relaxed. No body pressurizes any body and everything runs really smooth.
Interns are given special care. We are always made a part of the group. All associates are willing to clarify any doubts that we may have.

Also, interns will never sit idle in this firm.

One need not even ask for work. Once we are done with a previously assigned work, another one would follow. And each task is so interesting that one would never feel bored of the work.

All the associates will give us work and they will regularly follow up on the same. So, if one is planning for a no-work-all-play system, then this is definitely not their cup of tea.

At the same time, the associates are real fun too. Everyday, some one or the other would bring some goodies to eat. All of us would share the same. There is a kitchen with a fridge and an induction. So, regular coffees are guaranteed.

With time we got along with the associates so very well that we had our lunch, and at times even dinner together.

The associates are really close knit among themselves and there is always an air of positivity. It has the perfect work environment.

Best things

The priority that one can get as an intern is un-imaginable. Everyday, the main partner, Mr. Bechu sir gave personal attention to each intern. And he would find time each day to teach us some new subject in law.

Bad things



Based on duration of internship

Biggest Lessons

How important is the job of a lawyer is something that I understood working at this firm. Be it a client who pays in crores or a pro-bono case, the amount of sincerity that each one in the firm puts in is the same.

Each case is important in its way and there is no prejudice on the basis of profit.

Anything else?

Be well dressed. Formals are a must.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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