Interview with Nirma Students Who Won the 30th BCI Moot + Download Memos | The Whatsapp Group Called Jeetne aye hai, Jeet k Jayenge

Institute of Law, Nirma University represented by Arpit Singhvi, Ronith Joy and Vaibhav Kumar won the 30th All India Inter University Moot Court Competition, 2014 hosted by Llyod Law College, Greater Noida.

Guneet Banga, Lawctopus Campus Manager interviewed the team and got their memorials. Read their interactions below:

Team Member

Arpit Singhvi (Speaker 1)

Ronith Joy (Speaker 2)

Vaibhav Kumar (Researcher)

Download the Memorials of winners below:

BCI M.P. 1 Petitioner can be downloaded HERE.

BCI M.P. 1 Respondent can be downloaded HERE.

M.P. 2 Petitioner can be downloaded HERE.

M.P. 2 Respondent can be downloaded HERE.

BCI winning team
Amar, Akbar, Anthooony! A trio just as badass.

Moot Competition: 30th Bar Council of India Trust National Moot Court Competition, 2014

Date and Place of Event: 7th to 9th November, 2014 at Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida

Awards Won:

Best Team Trophy (Team Institute of Law, Nirma University)

Best Male Advocate (Arpit Singhvi)

Best Advocate for Final Rounds (Arpit Singhvi)

Best Advocate for Preliminary Rounds (Ronith Joy)

Hey guys, congratulations on your victory! Basic questions first, what made you choose the moot in the first place?

Thank you so much. Choosing this moot was a team decision. We also won XI Justa Causa Moot Court Competition, 2013.

While returning back from that competition itself, we thought of our next aim and we decided to go big this time and BCI Trust National Moot Court Competition being the biggest competition, we decided to give it a try.

We waited for almost a year and a half for this moot and now we feel that the wait was worth it.

How was the process of preparation? How did you go about the entire stage?

Our main focus while preparing for this competition was to break the problem based on facts and to defend the case logically. We believe that if you are able to defend a case logically then there will be some or the other law backing that logic.

So once we were through with the facts in and out we supported our arguments based on legal provisions and precedents. This was the distinguishing factor for us that we were able to relate our case with all the legal backings we had.

How was it like working with the team? What do you think are your team’s fortes? What were the roadblocks?

Last one month has been absolutely fantastic. Though the journey has been tiresome but we would say it was work along with fun. Our team’s USP is the compatibility amongst us and the desire for the results. Our belief system is very strong and we compliment it with intensified consistent hard work.

Stuff, winners are made of!
Stuff, winners are made of!

In fact the name of the whatsapp group which we used to keep ourselves updated about the progress of research work was “Jeetne aye hai..Jeet k Jayenge”.

We believe that to make a dream come true just being consistent at your work won’t suffice. Just making it sure that you are working throughout the preparation time doesn’t guarantee you a win. See there are others working too.

This is a competition and every team is giving it their best shot. So a consistent effort which was used by a team to gain some leverage, now becomes an average. Here comes the effect of intensity. The amount of intensity put in by a team in their preparation gives them some leverage above others. So a consistent intensified effort for a month is required to win any competition.

The major problem for us when the problem came was that we were in internships. Though we went through the problems during internships and had preliminary research work during that time, we could effectively give only 15 days for this competition.

But I would say that we gave more than 100% in those 15 days. We worked continuously day in and day out in those 15 days and with God’s grace we were able to complete all the work in time.

How many teams were you up against in the competition? Which team would you consider to be your toughest competition?

There were 32 teams in the competition. We feel that NALSAR were the toughest opponent. They were very well prepared and had legal backings on all the argument that they made. 

How was the final round up against NALSAR, Hyderabad?

The final round was presided over by five sitting High Court Judges. It was an amazing round. We were against NALSAR, Hyderabad and we both were well prepared on facts and legal points. Our concept on law was very clear and that might have given us the deciding edge over them.

What message would you like to pass on to the mooters?

One mistake we usually see being regularly committed by upcoming mooters is remembering the memorials and arguments advanced. Oral presentation is all about discussing the case with judges. One should be conceptually clear on what is the position of law and should be able to relate it with the facts of his case.

Etiquettes and court mannerisms play an important role in moot court competitions.

A mooter should inculcate in himself a symbiotic balance between being persuasive and convincing and at the same time being most humble before the judges.

One should see that one does not lose his calm during the grilling rounds and the gesture and movement of the hands should not be offensive. 

Final comments on the level of competition and the organisation of the competition.

The level of competition was very high. This being one of the prestigious moot court competitions of this country, all the teams were well prepared. Lloyd Law College being the organizers of this competition had done a fantastic job. Our stay throughout the competition was great and also the hospitality was wonderful.

They had a system of assigning a team buddy to every team for any help. We found it really helpful. We would like to thank our team buddy Ankit Mishra for all his support and also Lloyd Law College for the wonderful stay and great hospitality.

Download the Memorials of winners below:

BCI M.P. 1 Petitioner can be downloaded HERE.

BCI M.P. 1 Respondent can be downloaded HERE.

M.P. 2 Petitioner can be downloaded HERE.

M.P. 2 Respondent can be downloaded HERE.

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