iPleaders’ BarHacker Fellowship in Continuing Legal Education [6 Months]: Apply Now

iPleaders is inviting applications for the BarHacker Fellowship Fellow and Assistant Product Manager.


Up-gradation and creation of new content, inviting experts to take guest lectures

Persuasive abilities and communication skills

Email, online marketing and outreach

What do you get to learn?

This is a fabulous opportunity if you want to develop your legal and analytical skills, create relationships with experts, work in the education sector or start your own company in future.

You will also get a 360-degree exposure to product design and marketing.

Regular coaching around design of online products, strategic planning and content marketing will be available.

If you want to become an extraordinary lawyer, this position has a promise for you.

As a young lawyer, you will get to see and work on what it takes to build something that is commercially viable and that fulfills a need from your expertise.

Apart from acquiring a sense of legal research and exposure on how to create a product, you can use this experience in applying for academic positions or for scholarships in future.

Administrative support and technical support on managing the content will be available.


Six months


You must be at least in your 4th or final year in a law school.

Participation in at least 1 national level moot court competition.

You must have accurate English grammar, simple and clear writing.


Rs 2,500/- per month with incentives depending on the results

Application Procedure

If you are interested in applying, please write to Amartya Bag at [email protected] and CC on [email protected]

For further details, click HERE.


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