Internship Experience@ AZB & Partners, Noida

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Aditya Marwah, Jindal Global Law School, 2nd Year,

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

AZB and Partners, Noida

Application Process

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I knew someone in the firm, so I directly sent a mail to them.

But the application process requires, that a mail be sent which includes a cover letter and CV to Ms. Payal Dutta (

Duration of internship and timings

My AZB Noida internship was for a period of four weeks. Interns are expected to report by 10 AM, but its always better to reach early.

The timings are from 10 AM-6 PM in the evening.

In my orientation itself however it was made clear that there is no official timing as to when an intern should leave the office, because law as a profession is such wherein the more amount of hard work and dedication which one puts, the more is what one reaps out of it as ‘sky is the limit’.

Interns are also required to come on first and third saturdays of the month wearing formals. 🙁

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

As an intern I was expected to reach the office by 10 in the morning, but on my first day, I was extremely nervous and anxious as to how the work environment would be, and how there would be other interns as well, who are senior to me and maybe in their final year of law school.

So I reached the office by 9:15 am itself in the morning.

AZB Noida’s office is a huge building and the whole building is the firm’s office. On entering the building, I was made to sign in and fill my details, and was made to read the rules/ code of conduct for the interns.

Then along with another co-intern I went to the first floor of the building. AZB’s office is divided into 2 floors and a basement, and another 3rd floor is presently under construction. The interns mainly occupy the first floor’s intern desk, second floor’s intern desk and a trainee room which is also for the interns on the second floor.

There were many interns when I joined, as some of the interns had joined immediately after their exams had got over and some had joined on the same day when I joined. AZB Partners, Noida, not only deals in corporate law, but also in other fields such as Litigation, Taxation, IPR, etc.

Main tasks

The tasks can range from proof reading to interesting research on various laws. I was allotted a team to work under in my first week and I had to report to them.

But it is not compulsory that one has to just restrict to and ask for work from just one’s team. I also asked for work, from other associates who used to sit on my floor.

Some of the tasks which I and my fellow interns did during the AZB internship included proof reading, documentation and articulation of files, research on various provisions of the Companies Act and carrying out the previous Companies Act, making compliance check lists for the client for various Environmental and Labor laws, etc.

Work environment and people

Work environment of AZB is very healthy and professional. But an important thing is that along with doing the tasks one is allotted, the interaction with other associates and co-interns.

Almost all the associates are friendly and if they give work, they properly explain and guide as to what to research and most importantly, where to research.

At the same time, I also got a lot of help from my co-interns, as all of them were also interning for the first time in AZB and Partners, Noida (apart from one 3rd year guy who has been interning since his first semester), and everyone was helpful and many a times, we used to go with each other in a group of 2 or 3 to ask for work from the associates and then we used to work and research together.

azb noida internship

Best things

Apart from of course getting to intern in India’s second best law firm, and learning a lot from the work which I was given by the associates, the second best thing in the office for me was the interaction which I had with the associates for whom I worked and the co-interns with whom I worked.

Bad things

The only thing I regret, not having done, now that I have completed my AZB internship is that I never asked for any work from any of the partners of the firm.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

It was my first time experience to intern in a law firm, but the biggest lesson which I learnt, which perhaps everyone should learn from their internships is that it is never too early to start.

I had completed my second year and was interning in AZB, and many of my friends had already told me (rather scared me) about the huge amount of work I will be given and how tough it would be.

But as it turned out, though it wasn’t very easy or a cakewalk, but surely it wasn’t tough or completely unmanageable.

With proper utilisation and management of time, I always submitted my work within the allotted time and at the same time maintained the standard of the work also while submitting.

It’s not that I was at a disadvantage ever, for not having subjects such as Corporate Law, Administrative Law or Law of Arbitration, because whenever I was given the work related to them, I researched and managed to get a positive feedback from the associates who gave that to me (of course, with suggestions to improve and pointers for future research).

Any Other Thing

Everyone who has a bend towards working in a law firm should surely intern in AZB, to get a picture as to how law firms actually work and the amount of commitment and dedication which is expected, from both interns as well as associates, and the amount of hard work one has to put in.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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