Avant Garde Teaching Practices at Asian Law College, Noida

Law as a subject can help to develop a range of skills and explore different aspects of human life. Pursuing Law gives one the chance to sharpen the mind, strengthen understanding and deepen the experience across the full range of humanities and social sciences.

One acquires both latitude of understanding and expanse in the areas that interest one the most, thus maneuvering individuals to be globally competent citizens, workers, and leaders by equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Asian Law College, Noida, under the aegis of the Asian Education Group (AEG) with a legacy of more than 25 years of academic excellence in multidisciplinary education viz Media, Entertainment, Management, Cinema, Fine Arts, Fashion and International business, clearly apprehends and acknowledges this fact along with a commitment to those who want to develop both abstract thinking and practical problem-solving.

At Asian Law College it is not just about what is taught within its confines like cramming cases and statutes but an absolute comprehension of the advantages that a Law degree can give. It not only imparts the skills to be a successful lawyer, but also a successful producer, police officer politician, journalist, manager, or almost any other profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world.

This value addition at Asian Law College (ALC) is given through the additional Diplomas in:

– Media and Entertainment Laws from AAFT

– Digital Marketing from HCL

– Corporate and Legal Communication

– Foreign Language

The advice, for transition into world class professional lawyers, comes from illustrious and noted members of the Advisory Board who are eminent lawyers and celebrated advisors from India and UK such as Mr. Mike Ward, International Media Advisor, Mr. Henry Lydiate, International Legal Consultant and Prof. Elizabeth Lydiate.

ALC Noida, stands on an impressive world class footing, with prime Moot Court facilities, Lecture Hall Centre For IT, Knowledge Resource Centre, Recreation Centre, Spacious lecture theatres, Sports facilities, Dedicated campus recruitment cell and facilitation for professional training and placement, in Wi-fi enabled air conditioned environs.

As an integral part of Asian Education Group, ALC has a firm base in corporate partners who have already opened the gates for the passing out lawyers from ALC. Asian Law College inspires aspirations, harnesses relationships where none exist, enhances existing relationships, and through its inimitable astuteness and ability to specialize, distinguishes itself from the pack.

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