Author: Usha

Internship Experience @ Mody and Mody Advocates, Gwalior, MP: Learnt the ABCs of Research, Drafting, Court Craft

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength Mody and Mody Advocates, Gwalior Application Process with contact details To apply, you have to send your cv and purpose of joining to Mr. Ankur Mody (managing director of Mody and Mody) at ankur[dot][email protected] Duration of internship and timings 20 June to 18 July 2016 First impression, first

Internship Experience @ Praja Foundation, Mumbai: Data Analysis, RTI Filing, Working with Bureaucracy

  Name of Organisation, Location Praja Foundation, Mumbai Application Process with contact details You can volunteer for specific tasks (Translation, Proofreading, Event organisation, Data collection, Data Entry or other tasks) by filling a form on their website here and uploading your CV. Or you can apply for internship by mailing your SOP and CV at