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Internship @ Chambers of Aditya Wadhwa, Delhi: Brilliant Work Environment | Ample Criminal Law Work

However, the best part was that I interned with 6 of my batchmates which made the internship even more fun. Also, the office staff is considerate enough to get you some tea or coffee whenever you ask for it.
Advocate vivek tankha Delhi internship experience

Internship Experience @ Senior Advocate Vivek Tankha , Supreme Court, Delhi: Lots of Drafting Work

The first day I got my card made for Supreme Court, then I was given some research work and one of the associates ordered food for us from Macd.

Call for Papers: Indore Institute of Law’s Law Journal ‘Legal Voice of India’: Submit by Sep 10

The Legal Voice of India (LVI) (ISSN No.22778454), is the Law Journal published by Indore Institute of Law. Currently submissions are open for the first edition of the Journal.
deepesh joshi advocate

Internship Experience @ Deepesh Joshi, Bhopal District Court: Court Visits, But Less Work

You will get frustrated because at the beginning you won't understand anything what is going on but gradually you will learn some of the basic things.

Internship Experience @ Chamber of Ankur Chhibber, Delhi High Court: Great Work, Great Work Environment, Free Food

The best thing about this internship was that as an intern, the work that I got was extremely good and made me broaden my horizons as a budding lawyer. By Abhinav Kumar, 2nd Year, NUJS

Internship Experience @ Kale & Shinde Associates, Pune: Know the ground realities of how things work

There are three partners and many associates. The associates are very friendly and they help you with the work. The partners are generally busy, but, they will talk to you and ask about your work. They also take you to client meetings.

Internship Experience @ International Justice Mission, Kolkata: Work on Human Trafficking

I learnt how to speed up my research, reading and writing skills; how not to crack under pressure and appreciate the pro bono work that IJM was engaged in.

Internship Experience @ Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission, Bhopal: Very Less Work To Do

As per the common thinking of interns that do not intern in MPHRC is somewhat relevant but if you really wish to do work, you can do it anywhere. We used to go by 11 am and sign and then most of the time we got bored there because there was not much work done.

Internship Experience @ Raja Thakare & Chimalkar, Bombay High Court: Get to work on hotshot cases

Main tasks involve visiting the courts, assisting the associates in their work. Daily research assignments are given, which are not very burdensome.