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Internship @ CUSAT Library, Kochi: Rich Database, Rewarding Experience, Research Work

The CUSAT internship gives no stipend and in fact you are required to pay around 30/- for the duration one uses the library to the university.

Internship @ Chambers of Justice Mahanty, Odisha: Case Notes and Homework, Networking Opportunities, Fabulous Experience

After the final day of the Justice Mahanty internship, I was handed a kindly worded internship certificate, wished luck for my future.
itc internship

Internship @ ITC Ltd, Bangalore: Relaxed Environment, Interesting Work

One of the most interesting tasks was when she gave me 5 differently packaged ITC Food commodities and told me to study the packaging, read the packaging requirements in India and the ones in Europe and then determine if there would be any need to change the packaging if the products were to be released in Europe.
indus law internship

Internship Experience @ IndusLaw, Bangalore: Stipend of Rs. 3000; I have never felt more like a lawyer!

Even though I had never done something like this before and was afraid to take it up as I was sure I would be unable, though the amount of faith that the associates placed in me was indescribable.