Author: Aishwariya Sunder

Internship Experience @ VGB Associates, Bangalore: I didn’t want my internship to end

ShareTweetShareWhatsApp0 SharesName: Aishwarya J. CMR Law School. 2nd Year Organisation: VGB Associates, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore Team: Maximum of 3 interns at a time. Application Process: I got an internship there through a friend of my father. You can directly go to their office with your CV or Email it to them (you can get

Internship Experience @ Hope Foundation, NGO, Kolkata: Got to know the actual problems faced by the underprivileged

ShareTweetShareWhatsApp0 SharesName. College. Year of Study. Anonymous Name of the organisation. City. Team strength. Hope Foundation. Kolkata. 5 people Application process. We came to know of Hope Foundation through one of their 5 member group. We applied for an internship via email and received a confirmation within a week. For an internship with Hope Foundation, the contact person is Debasree Chakraborty, Executive