Asking Out the Moot-Court Way: You May Now Address Your Ladyship as Your Girlfriend

By Anonymous

So the story started around October. I recently broke up, like most relationships in the first year of a residential colleges happen; long distance.

All throughout my contract lectures all which went inside my mind was “why me”. Trying to become focused, I decided to take part in a quiz happening at a nearby college.

I was and still am extremely lazy. My teammate reached the quiz venue around 10:00 and the quiz was supposed to start at 11:00. I woke up at 10:35(not kidding). My teammate left around 30 missed calls and extremely pissed off messages. I just get up,brush and ran for the venue.

I reach there around 12:00 when the quiz got over and I saw my teammate staring me to death and that was the first time I noticed her. She was just smiling when my teammate was passing sarcastic jibes of how punctual I am. Funnily, this girl was in the same college and that too the same year yet this was the first time I saw her.

I just had this insane urge from inside to go talk to her but being an introvert has its fair share of disadvantages. I couldn’t. Coupled with the fact of my recent breakup, I decided not to go and talk to her for it could be nothing but a small crush. Well, fate had something else for me that day.

My teammate (who apparently was friends with this girl) invites all of us (including that girl’s teammate) for a lunch. We all go out and that was the first time I talked to her.

We introduced ourselves and realized we have so many things in common apart from the fact that we belonged to the same part of India(not that it is important) but well finding someone like that in a college far away from home is amazing.

My shyness was making it difficult for me to continue the conversation but it somehow felt easy to just keep on talking to her. All which went inside my mind was where was this girl all this time. Why didn’t I find her earlier or heck thank god I went for that quiz.

Soon we started meeting up in college and talking a lot, we started jamming (I know nobody likes a showoff but well I can strum the strings xD) and things were going amazing for 2-3 weeks.

Then our fresher’s party was supposed to happen. I had a few contacts in the senior so i made sure she got paired up with me and well she did :).

We spent the whole day together and I had decided that yes I am gonna ask her out. Well on that day I technically did (later on this).

So the party got over and we were back in the hostel where we had our after-party (I’m pretty sure you know how law school after parties are) so long story short i got super drunk and texted her asking her out and well well well… she said yes :’).

We go out on a date and after 2 weeks I decide that I really like this girl so I decide to ask her out properly in a way she deserves.

Coincidentally we had our intra moots during that time so I decided to make the proposal unique.

I told her “It is indeed a matter of great pride and honor to stand before your ladyship. I would request your ladyship to state the facts of the case” where I went on telling her the things I like about her and then finally she said “You may now address your ladyship as your girlfriend” :’) and well we’re still together, going strong.

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