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Savitha Kesav Jagadeesan

Savitha Kesav Jagadeesan is a Partner in Kochhar & Co. Her practice areas include Corporate Law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law and TMT law.

She also heads the Kochhar South Intellectual property practise and researches and provides advice on Intellectual Property management and protection.

She has an extensive research background and had procured the Monash Scholarship (Australia) to do research in the area of Cyber Crime and Policing. During her stint in Australia she also taught at Australian Universities in Contract law, Commercial Law and Criminal Law.

She has published in various areas of law in several reputed journals including spoken at various conferences on various Legal issues.

Savitha is a graduate of the premier National Law School of India University, Bangalore and has also a Master Graduate degree in Corporate Law.

Ask her questions on working in Law Firms, Corporate Law as a career option and IP Law as a career option.

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