Ask Protik Prokash Banerji

protik prokash banerjee
Protik Prokash Banerjee graduated from Calcutta University in 1994.

Popularly called Protik da, Mr. Banerji is an advocate at the Kolkata HC.

He served as the University of Calcutta’s nominee on the Governing Body of Surendranath Law College, the oldest law college in India, and served as the Standing Counsel for the State of West Bengal between June 9, 2011 and March 6, 2014, before he demitted office.

Interning at his chambers is an experience of a life time. People who learn drafting and oratory skills from him swear by the excellent teacher he is.

He talks about movies and literature as authoritatively as he talks on law and wrote on such subjects for the Economic Times in 1994-1995.

He was recently elected as the Vice President of the Calcutta High Court Bar Association.

Ask him questions about Litigation as a career option, books, movies, legal research and drafting and about law and life in general.

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