As I am Writing This I am Also Getting Ready to Take my First Crush on Our First Official Date

As it was the first day of my class 9th, I was looking for new faces to make some new friends and then I saw here for the first time looking beautiful talking to everyone with a smile.

When I was seeing her I started falling for her it was love at first sight and she was my first crush.

I always wanted to talk to her but couldn’t gather enough courage to go and start the conversation and suddenly something amazing happened as I was playing FIFA on my PS 2 in my home and suddenly my phone rang I saw the phone it was an unknown number so I paused my game and picked up the phone and there she was my crush on another line.

At first, I couldn’t believe it then I realised that she was actually on the other line. After talking to her, I got to know that she got my number through our mutual friend and she needed help in our maths exam as she didn’t like maths and was not very good in it.

I am also not any Albert Einstein I was an average student who didn’t get above 70% ever but this was the only chance I could talk to her so from next day, I went to the library and issued much dreaded RD Sharma book and start solving it so I could help her in the exam.

When I started to solve RD Sharma I started to love solving questions and on doom’s day I helped her and she just passed the exam so she was happy and she thanked me and our friendship grew.

We started to talk daily and we became close I knew everything about her likes, dislikes, fear etc. But I still couldn’t gather enough courage to ask her out and told her about my feelings.

Time went by and she got transferred to another school and ultimately we grew apart and stopped talking to each other.

Now coming back to the present day, I got admission into GLC Mumbai thanks to her I got good in studies and actually cleared the MHCET exam.

On New Year eve’s, I was celebrating New year with my friends on Marine Drive and then I saw her in the crowd and I didn’t know what to do should I ignore her or should I go there and talk to her.

When I was thinking that in my head she also saw me and came to talk to me. We talked for five minutes and exchanged our numbers with a promise to catch up and she went with her friends & I went with my friends.

After few days, I got a call from her and we decided to go for coffee and I got to know that she is also studying in Mumbai and we connected like before. Now we started talking daily on phone and on every weekend we go out together to movies, sightseeing etc.

I showed some courage and told her about my feelings I thought she would say ‘No’ and I will be friend zoned forever but she said ‘Yes’ evidently she also has the same feeling for me from school only but she thought I do not feel the same way about her and I  didn’t tell her about my feelings because I thought she would not go out with me ever and we will lose our friendship.

In the end, everything turned out well as I am writing this I am also getting ready to take my first crush on our first official date as a couple.

I never thought that such a beautiful girl would go with an average guy like me. I want to tell guys out there just dare to dream and show some courage and you never know anything can happen.

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