Internship Experience @ Arvind Razdan and Associates, Lucknow: Learnt the know-hows of District Courts


SUYASH GUPTA, RMLNLU Lucknow, 1st year.


1st December 2015 to 24th of December 2015


The opportunity to work in district court, Lucknow for a winter sparked my imagination. The experience was inspirational and gave a real picture of scope of litigation in Lucknow.

Being a first semester student of law everything looked fascinated to me.

I  have never visited any court before and had no clue of how lawyers work so, my  imagination of court  room premise was limited to the court room scenes of movies, but it all changed when I first stepped in the district court.

This was my first ever professional internship, I was really nervous of what kind of work I would be assigned. I came in contact with a civil suit lawyer through my uncle.

My first day at district court was head shaking, the charm and desire of a litigant brainwashed when I saw the ambiance of the court but the time made me adjusted to its ambiance.

Keeping a small diary in pocket and a great enthusiasm on face, I used to walk along with my senior  from one court to another observing him closely – the way he stands ,the calmness  which he shows while arguing with his counter lawyer and the confidence with which he pleads in front of the honorable bench.

I realized that I did a mistake and should have acquainted myself with the fundamental terminologies of district court before interning.

First few days were boring as I have no job to do but to observe my senior pleading. I didn’t realized then that it was a part of my training which later helped me throughout my interning period.

One quality which  I incorporated during this 4 week internship at district court was being introvert in nature so as to prevent myself from committing any mistake is no solution. I started to ask my senior about the cases on which he pleaded and the status quo of the case.

This technique worked and my senior started assigning me small job of getting further date on the concerned cases. Even though I reached my lawyer through my uncle, I never took that opportunity for granted and shown my best sincere efforts.

Small tip –   To show your sincerity, you should take self-initiatives. I did the same, after learning for 2 weeks through observation, I took self initiatives.

My confidence reached its peak when because of my sincerity and hard work, my senior introduced me to his colleagues as his ‘junior’ not as an ‘intern’.

Conditions of District courts are pretty much same everywhere but what you learn from there will create differences in your professional life.

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