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Armitage Legal Associates, Gurugram, Haryana

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Armitage Legal Associates is a corporate law-based firm that takes up matters in all the District Courts of Delhi, High Court of Delhi, and various Tribunals. Their main office is in Sector 56 Gurugram, Haryana and they have other branch offices in Delhi and Noida and an overseas office in Chicago.

The office is large and swanky, glass doors, wooden floors, and the like. It was a rather nice setup. However, each intern got her/his system configured on the first day, and each workstation came with a landline. I found it easy to bond with the other interns some of whom had been interning for a while before I joined.

There are workstations, a conference room, a pantry, and a washroom inside the premises. The firm is being run by two Lawyers namely Anshul Bharadwaj and Radhika Sharma.  

Work Environment 

The work culture did not tolerate any act of smartness or flamboyance and demanded utmost amount of decency and sincerity, etiquettes, and especially clean language. One’s personality and body language were important to give out positive vibes that we were extremely willing to work instead of remaining laidback and lazy.  

Main Tasks 

Here at ALA the working hours were like the same as a typical firm would have from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. I did a four month long internship with them; Sundays are ALWAYS off for interns and always for the associates. While the internship does not require a huge degree of discipline from the interns, the one thing which is a complete no – no is reporting late. The interns had to reach office maximum by 9:30 and in another half an hour or so all of us were required to assemble ourselves in office.

This was one ritual which had to be adhered to like a routine There were four associates besides the two partners and the usual office boys, typists etc that form the team of any law office but whom I didn’t have any major interaction with. However, the office boys were surprisingly attentive and always ready to serve like water jars and serving coffee and snacks a couple of times every day. 

Another thing that I’ve since learned is the norm in most law firms – apply for any leave a day in advance. And bunking is strictly frowned upon. One of my co-interns tried to apply for a sick leave and was promptly asked to bring a medical certificate for the same. 

I was assigned to work under Radhika Ma’am. The main project on which I worked during the internship was matters relating to International Corporate Law, Mergers, Real Estate & Commercial Laws. I also prepared a Distributors Agreement. I was also made to do clerical work, like typing the documents, proofreading etc. 

Good Things 

Both the partners are super friendly and helping in nature. One evening, I stayed back in office till after 8:00 pm so that I could find a case for a matter which had been consistently eluding me for many hours. Radhika Ma’am noticed me sitting and asked me (I thought seriously) whether I planned to stay the night. She is one of the best mentors I’ve had been with. 

No Bad Thing 


8000/month!! – That is freaky awesome 

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