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Internship Experience @ Argus Partners, Mumbai: Stipend of Rs. 3800, Wide Variety of Work



Duration of the Internship

November 30, 2015- December 31, 2015

How big was the office? Team strength?

There are three partners and eight associates. Hence, the office is very closely-knit. More interactions take place and there is constant visibility as regards who is working on what matter.

The office is also small. There are three cabins, where the partners sit and the associates have their own desks.

The interns sit with the associates only.

There are two conference rooms, a small one and a big one and the latter one is electronically very ‘fancy’.

There is a small pantry and a small cafeteria sort of a room where people have their meals.

The Arabian Sea is visible from the partners’ cabins.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I stayed at a PG located between Marine Lines and Charni Road. It was situated in middle of a market and one can walk to either of the two stations if need be.

However, to reach office, I did not have to take the local as buses ply directly to Nariman Point from the place. All I had to do was go downstairs and wait for the next bus to come.

The PG is owned by a friendly Sardar Uncle and is actually his home. Two rooms of his house have been let out for PG purposes. While one room has 4 beds, the other one has 3. Both of them have attached bathrooms.

There is a common microwave, fridge, an electric kettle and separate TVs in both the rooms.

Both the bathrooms have geysers installed. He takes 12.5 k for a month (starting 1st of the month) and food is not included. However, you can order or eat out at nearby places. The place is situated in the middle of Chira Bazar and there are many restaurants around.

The aforementioned is an unbiased and factual description of the place and though law students do stay there repeatedly, I would not recommend the place to anyone who can make some efforts to look for a more decent place to stay.

I had a tough time with the place because of these reasons:

  1. When one enters the place, it gives very depressing and shady vibes. Though the place is safe, it is very unhygienic and not welcoming.
  2. We were not allowed to lock our rooms. As a result of which, due to unexplained reasons, we would often come back to a water-less or a dirty washroom.
  3. Though there is an RO installed, I never saw it working as it was never ‘allowed to be switched on’. I fell prey to the Uncle’s sugar-coated conversations and trusting him on the water issue and my throat has still not recovered even after two months.
  4. Though the ‘in timings’ are flexible, they do keep an eye on when you come and go as the place is someone’s house.

However, for people who receive their confirmations at the very last moment may go there because at the end of the day, you are in an unknown city to intern and if no other option is available, you have to put up with whatever you have.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

This was my twelfth internship and hence, I was not nervous on my first day.

I reached the office at around ten and was made to sit in one of the conference rooms.

After half an hour, the receptionist presented me with a welcome kit, which included an assortment of stationery.

I was then given an access card and sent to the area where the partners and the associates sit.

The receptionist took me around, introduced me to the partners and associates and then, I was shown my desk, which had a desktop and a telephone.

My first assignment was given to me by an associate, which was a research assignment. I worked till 9 pm, submitted my work and left for the day.

Thus, my first day was all in all, a good one and I went back to the PG with a sense of contentment and the enthusiasm to come back the next morning.

Main tasks 

I was given research work and also had the opportunity of drafting the replies to the queries sent by the clients.

The good thing about the work was that I was told the complete case situation unlike other internships where interns are generally trusted only with a statement which they have to research on.

Also, interns are not allotted to any teams at Argus and there is equal probability of getting work from the litigation team and the corporate team.

However, you can let them know your area of interest, which they will definitely keep in mind which assigning you a task.

This place has a lot of work and a wide variety of work and an intern is treated like an associate in terms of work.

Interns get to work with the partners directly and the work involves researching and presenting the same in a professional manner. Hence, it is a brilliant place for people who want to learn.

Work environment, people

The work environment is very positive, encouraging and warm. The office being a small one, everyone is like a small family where people help each other, work together and even enjoy together.

Everyone is very helpful – right from the partners to the associates.

I personally felt blessed to have interned at a place which provided me with the opportunity to work directly for two out of the three partners, in consonance with their respective associates and when that happens, you feel responsible as they repose full trust on your work.

Partners and associates are passionate about their work and it shows from the fact that they keep working round the clock and yet, there is no moment of dullness in the office.

Be it at 8 in the morning or 2 at night, the office will be full of hustle-bustle and energy of people diligently and happily working on their projects.

Best things

I think the best thing was that despite being an intern, I was trusted completely and I could see my work being put to use.

The kind of work an intern gets to do is not only knowledge-providing but also satisfying.

The partners and the associates are extremely kind and helpful.

Bad things

Despite my above views on the ‘good quality of work’ an intern is generally given, one has to be cautious as to not get stuck with ‘some people’ in the litigation team who would make you wait till 2 am in the night to just get some documents printed.

Also, for those not staying nearby, the timings may prove to be a bit of a problem. I was glad to have stayed in that PG, despite the whole PG experience being very unsatisfying, just because of the close proximity of the same to the office.

The earliest I could leave from the office was 9 on my first day, despite the official timings being 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

However, Mumbai is a safe city and if it gets later than 10 pm, the office boys would make sure that a female interns get a cab, write down the cab number and call them at the hour they would reach home by.

Additionally, due to the office being small, Argus does not take more than two or three interns at a time.

However, while I was there, there was no other intern for two weeks. It could get boring for some people.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

Nariman Point offers a lot of places to chill. So, it is located a very few buildings away from the Air India building on Marine Drive.

There are a lot of cheap eateries and stalls on the road where the office is situated where you can try cuisine you fancy eating.

Sachin Zunkha Bhandar’s ‘khichdi’ can be tried if feeling sick of the roadside food everyday.

Right next to the office is an Inox Cineplex. Though I hardly doubt, if interning seriously, one would ever get the time to watch a movie there.

Also, Colaba is just 10 minutes and approximately Rs. 40 (by Taxi) away from the office.

I did not hang out much with the interns, who were there for a short while during my internship but did so with the associates.

A young female associate was exceptionally nice to me during the course of the internship and also took me to Dominos for a Christmas treat.

In fact, every other day someone or the other would be treating the office and even the interns will get doughnuts, vada pao etc.

They treat the interns the way a college senior treats a junior outside college – warmly and in a very affectionate way.

Stipend/ month

Though I still haven’t received mine, a co-intern and friend of mine got Rs. 3,800/- for four weeks.

Personal Comments

This was my best internship and I wanted to get placed there. Though got an extension, could not get myself employed there.

The kind of work, the quantity of work, the people, the work culture, the inter-personal relationships between people, the location of the office – everything was just brilliant!

This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.

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