Internship Experience @ Ardhendumauli Kumar Prasad (Advocate on Record) Supreme Court, New Delhi: Learned how to research, file, draft and plead


Aakanksha Tiwari, Institute of Law, Nirma University, 2nd Year

Duration of the Internship

2nd November 2016 to 2nd December 2016

Name of the Lawyer and City

Ardhendumauli Kumar Prasad (Advocate on Record) Supreme Court

Address of the Lawyer– H-11, Lower Ground Floor, Lajpat Nagar – III, New Delhi, 110024

Application Process

As I am writing this experience for making the life easy of those future internees who would intern at the same place I will begin with how to apply for the internship.

I applied for the internship by sending my CV on  nearly three months before I wanted to start my internship and I got the reply of confirmation after 25 days of my application, but this is not the only way one can get there as there were interns coming through other sources as well.

Now when your internship is confirmed you obviously need to call at the office and reassure about the confirmation, there will be Jyoti Ma’am at the other side of the phone she is very professional and sweet so you will not find it difficult to keep a track of your internship.

Team Size/ Location

The office is located in H-11 Lajpat Nagar Phase III, it is at walking distance from the Metro station but also take in consideration that when I interned the metro was under construction and the exit gate could change now making the office a little far.

There are Rickshaws at metro station which would take you to the office in exactly 20 bucks and will take around 5-7 minutes in reaching only if you don’t live in Lajapat nagar, you can also take buses to come as they are very reasonable and sometime even free.

In the office there are around ten people including Sir himself then Aviral Sir and Priyanka Ma’am to whom I use to report, three junior lawyers, two receptionists, one person for clerical work and other staff.

There were also surprise visits from other people who were not the part of office regularly but were a part of it.

First Impression

Before going to the office for the first time you must call at the office day before to confirm your arrival time, it will most probably be 10:00 a.m. when you reach there the possibility is that you will not find any of the lawyers there at that time, it will only be Jyoti Maam and staff but still you should maintain your first impression and reach on time.

You will be taken to the library of the office which is also the conference room to sit and explore, it will also most probably be your work station.

You will have to wait for the team to come as they will be in courts. So you can spend your time in reading books.

It will be around 3:00 p.m. that junior lawyers would come for National Green Tribunal as sir deal with both the matters of Supreme Court and NGT.  So you can go and meet them, they are very cool and it has not been much time that they have graduated so you will be able to connect to them easily.

Now around 5:00 p.m. you can expect Sir and other people to come from Supreme Court. It will be then that you will be formally introduced to people there and will begin your work.

There is a kitchen in the office where there is a fridge, coffee machine and resources available to cook mini meals. There is a staff who will serve you as well if you want and there is a dining table where mostly the whole team eats together

Near the office there is a general store where you can get snacks and other thing. Except this there is no shop nearby

For meals you can order food from different outlets the juniors will help you in this and also you can ask the staff to bring something as they are very helpful.

Main Task

From the next day you will start with your regular work. The office is mainly divided into two teams, one team that goes to National Green Tribunal and the other team that goes to Supreme Court. Sir is obviously common for both the teams.

So, the internee can choose to go with either of the team. The most proffered choice would be that you go to NGT on Monday and Friday as the interns are not allowed in Supreme Court on these days and for the rest of the week you can go to Supreme Court

When you go to NGT you will be given works like to note the proceeding of the case and the questions that the judge is asking or to file presence of the Lawyer.

But the most fulfilling work that will be given is filling any document in court as for that you need to go through a long process and when you are recognised at the filling section of the court for doing so much of work then you feel fulfilled as the filing of replies there is not an easy job.

In Supreme Court there is work like in NGT but yes it is necessary that you read the case before attending the proceeding in Supreme Court or you will not understand anything resulting in sleeping before the court. You will be taught how to see the list of the courts online to know which case is going to take place tomorrow

Going to court is one part of the work as after the court hour is over you need to come back to office and do other works like reading the case, making the brief of the case, making list of date and summary, drafting SLP’s and affidavits.

Also there will be research work given to you to search the authority for any case or research regarding any issue and if done properly then your research will also be used in the case which will be a satisfactory content for you.

Work environment

The work environment is very cool calm and at the same time very disciplined where the associates know there work well and complete it on time without someone nagging them.

You can order food from outside and the staff would be happily serving it for you in the Kitchen Area and yes, there are no restrictions on taking breaks in between office timings.

The Associates are very friendly and amiable, who would be explaining you your job/task/proposition and with great patience, which inevitably gives the intern good room to raise doubts and work peacefully.

There were also two to three other interns working so you can share the work and learn from their work as well. Also having conversation while breaks and other time makes your work more easy and reviving.

Best thing

You get the best of both the world that is both Supreme Court and NGT where you get to see Ram Jethmalani, M.C Mehta, Harish Salve, Justice  Mukul Rohatgi and other prominent lawyers arguing.

When you witness case like NJAC, Clean Ganga Case, Namami Gange case, case related to BCI as Sir was the representative of Bar Council of India, State of U.P in Supreme Court and Union of India in NGT, what else can be better.

I learned many new thing given that my previous internships were in NGO so it was the first time that I was learning to research, file, draft and plead.

Also during the lunch time when you sit with all the associates to eat, you get to know so many insights of the legal world which can never come without experience. Also you never have to PAY for the food.

Bad thing

The only thing that that I found little inappropriate was that some time you will have to sit ideal waiting for work tor you will have to nag the associates to give you some work which can be annoying for them as well.

Accommodation and travelling

As the office is located at Lajpat Nagar one of the expensive areas of Delhi, so what I suggest is that you should make your arrangements for accommodation before hand and not leave it for the last hour as it can be a tedious process.

I stayed in a PG for girls whose house number was J-31 in the same colony where the office was. The cost of the PG was Rs. Ten Thousand for a four-sharing room but they also provided two sharing rooms for twelve thousand.

The PG was very decent, clean, rooms were spacious. The food was hygienic, homemade and the owners ate with us. The bar time for Pg was 9:30 p.m and also you need to keep tiffin box for your breakfast which was the most annoying thing. The Pg had some more law interns and college students making it a lively place to be in.

As I said that my Pg was in the same colony where my office was so it was at walking distance for me but usually I was suppose to go to Court first and then from there I need to go to office.

So if you are staying at Lajpat Nagar then you can take a metro for Mandi House which is six stations away from Lajpat Nagar and does not requires any change of metro. From there you can take an auto which can take you to both Supreme Court and NGT.

Also it is advised that you should take you metro one and a half hour before your reporting time as some times metros go mad and get very slow taking almost ten minutes on every station.

After you come back to office from the same route you can go back by walking to the Pg.

For boys, please find a place for yourself as I am not acquainted with the same. Though there were some PG’s for boys as well in the same colony so it will not be very difficult for you.

For Girls, you have got all the details plus one more thing my PG was exactly in front of Lajpat Nagar Market (Cheap Export Market) making it the most happening place to live in.

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