Internship Experience @ Ardent Legal, Delhi: Research on the cases, Write articles for the blog

Your Name

Vasu Jain

Name of Organisation

Ardent Legal (Litigation Firm), Delhi, 2 Partners, 2 Associates, 4 clerks.

Application Process

One of friend had already done an internship in that firm and hence, he suggested me to try there.

I sent an e-mail to the Legal Head of the firm, Mr. Akshay Spara, at [email protected] followed by a telephonic call, wherein he took a small interview of mine and confirmed the internship.

Duration of internship

May 17, 2015 to June 14, 2015

4 weeks internship

First impression

Since it is a litigation firm, I was required to report at their chamber in High Court of Delhi at 10 AM.

But to my dismay, sir could not come to High Court due to some leg injury.

So, I was asked to come to the office. I met with him.

He introduced me to the associates and other staff.

There was no such formality.

I was given a laptop and separate table.

Main tasks

We used to see the proceedings in the morning.

Since he is a Senior Advocate, there were around 4-5 cases daily and one could not figure out how the time passes in the High Court.

In the office, research work was given.

We have to research on the cases, write articles for the blog and have tea (tea was served three times a day).

Work environment

Though the work was not less but we used to enjoy that because it was fun with working there.

The clerks used to crack jokes in between and the associates were also very friendly.

The associates were NLSIU students and used to tell their stories.

Sir was very polite. But when he gives work, he keeps his politeness aside and bombards you with a number of tasks, which need to be done within a stipulated time.

But you always enjoy that and finish before the deadline.

At times, we used to get tired but then we could always have a break and can go to nearby restaurants and dhabas.

Best things

The best thing was that though we have to work for 10 hours but the timings were not so rigid.

At times, we could leave early also.

Bad things

There are CCTV cameras at the workplace and hence you always feel like you are being watched, which sometimes irritates you.


Thats the worst part. You put in a lot of effort but get none of green paper.

Biggest Lessons

Hardwork alone cant take the Jack to the top of the Hill, you need to plan and work accordingly.

Smartness is equally required.


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