Interview with Apurva Sukant, HNLU/CNLU Alumnus; CEO of Androidly, The Smart Watch [PART 1]

Apurva Sukant, CEO and founder of Andriodly Systems Ltd. (& more importantly – HNLU/CNLU Alumnus!), speaks to Lawctopus on Andriodly which leads the race in  manufacture of the coolest range of gadgets ever –  “Smart Watches”.

Interview by Ryan Wilson.

RW: Hi Apurva, what motivated you to think of a watch-cum-smartphone?

Apurva: The idea came when I got into thinking about what would be the next platform of computing. I belong to the generation which is witness to the electronic revolution. We have seen a slew of electronic devices getting introduced which change human life fundamentally and subsequently, them being replaced by faster, better, cheaper and more elegant devices.

When the idea of Androidly was conceived, smartphones and tablets were prevalent computing platforms and economically accessible. From this situation, the sensible choice for an unobtrusive next-gen platform of computing was the wrist, and so we came up with Androidly Smartwatch. We did entertain head mounted devices, but discarded the idea due to cost.

The immediate precursor to the idea was when our team was enjoying a chicken dinner, and my friend Pavneet Singh Puri, couldn’t answer a call because his hands were dripping in curry!

RW: Is there anyone you look up to and model yourself on?

Apurva: I think there is great distance to cover for an averagely endowed person, in being smarter and braver and there are many who have shown us what it means to be push our existence to the limits.

If I was to pick favorites, then the names that comes to my mind are Leonardo Da Vinci, Newton, Einstein, Alan Turing, Wittgenstein, Buckminster Fuller, Richard Feynman.

I like these people not because of their massive contributions, but because of their intelligence, life-style and world-views which lead them to their greatness.

RW: How do you start your day? How does it end? Do you still have enough time to sleep and take rest?

Apurva: My sleep deficit has been growing steadily for the past month, though I am working on it. My day starts by logging in my inbox, and responding to mails.

As we are a small venture by head count, so most of the responsibilities are shared by all. My interactions range from investment deals, product development, collaboration/dealership inquiries, customer inquiries all the way into customer service and press/media requests. This continues through into the day.

More intermittently, I have to take calls and meet people, who are in a subsequent stages of negotiation with us in the above mentioned areas.

Most recently I am being kept busy by a project where we are helping two telecom companies in developing new products for their brand. So interacting with them takes a big chunk of my time everyday.

In my free time, I like reading, mostly non-fiction and news, though I read a bit of Sci-Fi sometimes. I am an avid redditor so that is my most frequented spot on the internets. I enjoy gaming too! At the end of the day, I make a to-do for the upcoming day.

apurva sukant androidly interview
Apurva Sukant
RW: In which aspects will Andriodly “grow” in the next few years?- As a business and as a smart watch.

Apurva: With existing technology, such fantastic computing products are possible which would appear to be working by magic and supremely useful. Yet these tangents of development are not pursued by the established technology companies of our times due to factor such as customer acceptance, costs, and their retrograde outlook etc.

Google has been somewhat of an exception, with their driverless cars and glasses. Everybody else just keeps churning out the same things again and again, year in and year out with nominal improvements only, so as to maximize profits.

We seek to grow in this space of neglected cutting edge consumer computing development. We envision to hopefully develop into one of the most recognized brand for next-gen consumer computer appliances.

The next generation is being called “The Internet of Things” and its vast multi-billion dollar space to grow in. Basically imagine computers, progressively being integrated in every physical thing.

The fridges with internet are a bad implementation of this concept but there are good examples many times over. Glasses, watches, shoes, pillboxes which email you if you skipped your medicine etc., to name a few.

androidly smart watch
RW: How do you inject stability into the business model of Andriodly in an era of unpredictable economic cycles?

Apurva: We put in our best efforts, work hard, and leave the rest to coincidence!

RW: There is definitely a market for Andriodly-like smart-phone-watches. In the next 10 years, how do you see the impact of such a market on the smart phone industry?

Apurva: As it improves over generations, technology gets smaller and ubiquitous. This leads me to believe that smart phones as we know it would be replaced by other technologies such as smart watches, glasses and contact lenses in the slightly distant future.

So smart phones and other established technologies would decline while emerging technologies like smart watches and glasses will take hold. This decline would first emerge in the developed world and subsequently cascade into the developing world. In the near future of 10 years though I expect the smart-phone to be the dominant form of cellular communication all over the world.

Editors Note: Keep following Lawctopus for Part II of the Apurva Sukant interview, where Apurva elaborates on his days at HNLU and how they influenced him to the extent that they had a “direct impact on several key decisions” he had to take for his company!

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