Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Advocate Anupam Tripathi, Former Senior Standing Counsel, Income Tax Department, Delhi High Court, Ministry of finance, Govt. of India.

Address -THE PRACTICE, B-55, Retreat Apartments, 20 IP Extension,, Patparganj., New Delhi, Delhi 110092

Duration of Internship

1 Month – 23rd October 2017 to 17th November 2017

Application Procedure

You can email your internship application containing your CV and a cover letter to They’ll revert back to you within a week or two.

First Impression, First Day, Formalities Etc

On our first day, we were given an induction by Anupam sir’s associate Anand Saxena. He gave us a brief idea of what kind of work would be given to us, what are the current PILs that sir is working on and what is expected of us at the internship.

We also read one of the PILs filed by the Sir in the Delhi High Court regarding cleaning of Yamuna River so that we had an idea of what kind of PILs are filed by sir and the research that goes into it drafting one.

Main Tasks

We researched on various areas of law such as environmental law, animal law, Taxation law, Divorce law, Consumer law and Criminal law.

It also involved reading various case laws, briefing, drafting, preparing case notes for the various cases sir deals with along with regular court visits in  District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forums, State Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, District Courts, Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court of India.

We also worked for Anupam sir’s NGO  Fight For Animal Rights, India (FFAR) which aims at protection and welfare of animals through High Impact litigation in Courts. Two of the major PILs of sir, which is Save the Tiger and Stop Culling of Wild Boars in Tamil Nadu were sponsored and promoted by sir’s NGO.

Work Environment, People

It is an extremely discussion-friendly and welcoming environment. You can approach Anupam Sir and his associates without any fear. They are always ready to take your opinions and will clear any doubts you have.

They are also very hardworking and motivating and passionate about their work. You always want to work harder and do better. There is never a dull moment at this internship.

Best Things

The best thing was that you learn so much about the realities of the legal field. You understand why fighting for social causes is an important part of being in the litigation field.

The environment at the office is one of the best you will get at any internship. You are always so motivated to work and the learning process never stops.

Bad Things




Biggest Lessons

Hard work and passion will take you a long way. And it is very important that making money isn’t the only thing you should aspire to do as a lawyer, making a difference to society matters too.  This balance is one of the most important things we learnt while working with sir on his commercial cases and his PILs.

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