An Anonymous Letter to ILS Law College, Pune: Thank you for suffering of a lifetime

Dear ILS Law College.

Before I begin, please accept my apologies for hiding behind anonymity. Please do not doubt about your teaching and my learning. I remember all lessons from constitution that you taught me in 6th Semester. You taught me well, very well, especially freedom of speech.

The reason for hiding behind anonymity is again a lesson you taught me, rather a threat under which you subjugated me. A lesson that what you taught is not meant to be practiced against you. We both know from the past events that criticism does not go well down your throat and hence you will leave no stone unturned to reveal my identity.

Today was my last exam of this semester. I missed all the papers. I know you are thinking that it happened due to shortage of attendance.

But no, I had attendance well above the draconian sword of 75%. I neither had exam fever due to under-preparedness nor was I negligent not to fill the exam form. It all happened due a bite by a tiny mosquito resulting in me getting dengue.

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I know you in no stretch of imagination are responsible for her act but I in no stretch of imagination can think of a defence from your side for her very existence.

Let’s me take you for a walk through memory lane.

Remember the broken 10k L water storage tank in the hostel compound. No! The Same tank that broke in 2015 and was removed in September 2016.

Remember those broken dustbins and bags of waste. No! I am talking about the ones near the drinking water facility of B-Wing.

Remember the back side of the hostel. No! The Same area which houses thousands of bottles and has never been visited by the cleaning staff.

Remember the animal (dog) excreta. No! Same stuff whose aura greets a person to the hostel.

Remember Weeds. You do! Ahhh! I am not talking about that stuff. The wild weeds that grow in flower beds.

Remember the broken urinals. No! Those which we were accused of not flushing after using them.

But then these aren’t the conducive environments for mosquitos to breed and flourish. Also, your intentions can’t be doubted and you can’t be blamed for all this.

You were eager and enthusiastic to defeat the persistent water shortage of the hostel by storing the rainwater in the broken tank in hostel compound, sustainably developing by recycling the waste near (almost inside it) drinking water facility, contributing to Swach Bharat by not throwing the bottles outside the campus, giving something back to earth by allowing the dog excreta to decompose in your hostel lawns, growing green by not removing the weeds and being a sympathizer to our broken hearts by having broken urinal.

Fumigation was not an option since that would defeat the purpose of you recently announced and much-celebrated animal welfare cell. Not to discredit you from your application of strict anti-smoking rules. Also by breeding the mosquitos, you were expanding the horizons of the right to life.

I tried to play a blame game also. I wanted to blame the cleaning staff, but then I remember that the poor fellows have to guard the library also, long after the dusk has fallen.

Sometimes I see them gardening and often doing the office work also. I wanted to blame you, but your majesty, that option in democracy doesn’t exist. For some time, I tried to pass the buck from mosquitoes, to my friends, Pune Municipal Corporation, but all in vain.

Eventually I realized I am to be blamed, my efforts in CLAT, my decision of joining you is to be blamed.

I wouldn’t be writing this, had our requests not fallen on the deaf ears. If only we were treated as humans forget students or your own kids. Remember, the mosquitoes cannot distinguish between you and me. Today it was a child of a lesser mother, me: tomorrow it could be you or your child.

Thank you for putting me through a physical suffering of the lifetime and mental trauma of missing exams.


An ILS’ite

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