Via Bar and Bench: Amit Sibal on What Law Students Really Need to Learn

Amit Sibal, a graduate of Cambridge University, has recently been designated Senior Advocate by the Delhi High Court.

Bar and Bench interviewed him HERE.

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Here is the question we thought would interest law students the most!

You studied law at Cambridge University and not at an Indian law school. Did you face any difficulty when you returned to practice here in India?

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Amit: Everyone knows that you don’t learn substantive law in law school. Law school at best teaches you the approach and the principles. Law is embodied in statutes and judgments and you learn it by doing it. That is true in India and it is true all over the world.

The best law schools in this country and abroad are good because they inculcate the principles not because they teach you the nitty gritty of a particular section or a particular Act. You need to learn how to read an Act whatever Act is placed in front of you as a lawyer.

The duty of your law school is to teach you that. So it matters little which geographical area you went to law school as long as it is a decent place that taught you the right approach.

With that approach you pick up a statute anywhere in the world, common law jurisdiction, you will bring the right approach to it and you will be successful provided you work hard enough and are focused.

It really doesn’t matter whether you went to the best law school in India or anywhere else.

The full interview published on Bar and Bench is HERE.

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