JOB POST: Ambedkar University Delhi is Hiring 10 Law Profs: Apply by June 12 #HighlyRecommended

AUD aims to offer an interdisciplinary perspective on relationship between law, culture, politics, and social structures.

Rather than treating the law merely as a domain of legal practice or as a body of knowledge reserved for lawyers and legal scholars, the school understands the law to be a contested terrain of practice and knowledge that is best investigated in a creative and collaborative manner.

The University will initially offer advanced postgraduate programs in law for both law and non-law graduates. There is an increasing interest in law as an intellectual and social enquiry from disciplines such as sociology, politics, history etc.

There is also an equal interest that law graduates have in furthering their conversation with other disciplines.

The University will begin with an M.A. Program in Law, Politics and Society and will in the future include other specialized MA and LLM programs including an MA/LLM in Legal and Political Philosophy.

Towards that end, AUD is interested in building a faculty profile that is self-consciously inter disciplinary with an ability to engage with law through innovative pedagogy.

Preferred Qualifications of Candidates for posts of Professor and Associate Professor

• Candidates with dual degrees (Undergraduate in Law and PhD in other disciplines such as sociology, political science, anthropology, history, economics, literature, philosophy).

• Candidates who have worked specifically on the Indian legal system especially the judiciary, law and politics in India or comparative constitutionalism and jurisprudence, postcolonial legal history

• Strong track record of academic publications in areas of constitutionalism, judicial politics, law and social theory, legal and political obligation, colonial legal history.

• Research and teaching experience in sociology of law and allied areas

Preferred Qualifications of Candidates for posts of Assistant Professor

• LLM or Master degree in any other discipline with a focus on law

• Candidates with a background of legal practice especially in the area of human rights, criminal justice and public interest lawyering

• Strong track record of academic publications and teaching in areas of human rights, feminist jurisprudence, free speech and media regulation, legal history, law and sexuality, law and ecology, law and society, law and culture, law and literature.

The incumbents are expected to help in developing and teaching in other programmes offered by the School of Law, Governance and Citizenship, and other related postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.

They are also expected to offer a basket of courses in Law (as a discipline of the Humanities) at the undergraduate level.

Number of positions:

• 1 Professor

• 3 Associate Professors

• 6 Assistant Professors (3UR + 1SC + 1 ST + 1 VH)

Applications must be submitted online using the AUD online Job Portal which can be accessed at:

There is no application fee.

For any further information, contact Dean (Academic Services), Ambedkar University Delhi at [email protected]

Application deadline: 12 June 2017

Full details are here.


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