Colloquium: Failure of Governance and Ecological Challenges by School of Law, Ambedkar University, Delhi [Sep 15]: Invitation Open


During the time of the Bhopal gas disaster, in trying to fix responsibility for the disaster, notions of those in power having run away from both taking responsibility and facing accountability was current. In similar situations of social and natural disasters, there have been immense discussions on culpability and accountability.

In attempting to assign culpability, the notion of responsibility, which is so critical and central to governance – be it in the corporate world or more critically in state systems for the orderly conduct of societies – is often missed. The talk will explore these dimensions and also raise the question whether we, as citizens and the public, are also part of this ethic of ‘running away’ and its implications for society and nature in the long run.

About the Speaker:

Prof. Lawrence Surendra is a chemical engineer and an environmental economist who has been actively involved in public policy issues relating to environment, citizen and civic rights, and accountability of multilateral institutions and corporations. He was among those actively involved in bringing to justice the perpetrators of the Bhopal disaster.

He has written widely on Bhopal and has been a regular contributor to Frontline as well as other publications. He has worked with UNU, UN-ESCAP and UNESCO. He has been actively been involved in teaching and curriculum development in major institutions in India and abroad.

Prof. Surendra is involved in teaching and developing an interdisciplinary curriculum in major higher educational institutions in India. He is also the chairperson of The Sustainability Platform. He is currently a Visiting Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

Date & Time: 15 September 2017 (Friday), 2.30 pm


School of Law, Governance and Citizenship,
Room G 6 (Ground Floor), Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD), Karampura Campus (Near Moti Nagar Metro station), Delhi.


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