Internship Experience @ Amarchand Mangaldas AMSS, Delhi: Brings Out the Need to Excel

Intern Details


Internship Duration

1st – 31st January, 2015

Name of Organisation, City

Amarchand & Mangaldas & Shroff & Shroff & Co., New Delhi

My Experience

This by far has to be the best internship I have done till date for the simple reason of the amount of information I was able to learn from working there.

I had worked in the New Delhi Office (you can get good accommodation in Greater Kailash).

My AMSS internship lasted there for the whole of January. Generally, Amarchand usually grants 2 weeks internships, at the end of which you may request for an extension.

In the orientation session you will be allowed to state what department your preference is. I opted for litigation/arbitration.

On your first day, all the interns will be gathered in a single meeting room, “Aristotle” if memory serves. After an initial introduction session we were assigned work.

I distinctly remember the introductory session because the lady from HR said, “The timings are 9-5, but of course don’t expect to leave then, you’ll probably be here till dawn and on weekends”. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to laugh at the joke or take it seriously.

Apparently, she was serious, but I learned to enjoy it because I promise you, with the sheer diverse amount of work they have, even going for a cup of coffee to the break room is a learning experience.

After the introduction, we were told who we were working under and the hierarchy and then began the work. Now, I’m no work horse, I’m the show horse who likes to have sugar cubes in the corner but this place brought out the best in me.

There was a general email account for all interns where the entire department sent requests. Whichever intern was free would reply and take up the task.

With lots of shorter stints, me, and a fellow intern who had joint the same week as me, got appointed to an international arbitration case which kept us busy for the entire 4 weeks, opening me up to the fascinating word of arbitration and, by necessity, making me learn more arbitration in those weeks (or both India and other countries) than I have learned in my entire ADR course.

There was never a dull moment, one hour I’d be working on a company buyout, the other a merger, the other a split.

Amarchand brought out the need to excel. With the interns sitting amongst the associates, the desire to live up to expectations just pushed you along.

Plus, we were told that if we did any research, we were to put it into a common folder. That folder was helpful beyond words can explain. A good practice came out to always search the matter you had to research on in that folder and you would probably find something helpful.

All in all, it was just a very streamlined process.

In winding, it was the most fun I have had while working, and with the huge internship base and the hundreds of associates, information was always up in the air for grabs.


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