Alliance School of Law: Legal Education in Bengaluru with Global Standards


Aspiring high school graduates carrying the zeal to understand the phenomena of changes happening around their social sphere are increasingly becoming curious at learning the source of all the transitions happening around them and addressing the challenges associated with these changes.

This hunger to help construct a responsible socio-cultural fabric and preserve the sanctity of nations at large and communities at a remote level requires a highly professional legal education.

Bangalore considered to be the world’s fastest-growing tech hub in 2021, has always been a place where technology, education, and businesses are interconnected. What we observe here is a collaboration of path-breaking technocrats, educationists, and learners with innovative ideas and smart implementations happening at a large scale. It could perhaps be called the mecca of start-ups and technological innovations in India.

The growth at which the country is moved forward has implications for the social, cultural, and economic consequences that need modern approaches to address. Thus, it can verily notice that transformations are taking places in tandem and legal education is also closely looking at grooming lawyers for new settings.

Educational institutions offering law courses in Bangalore are ranked among the top institutions in India. Verily for its location, the competitive landscape is at its zenith, and it demands extraordinary quality of education for students looking out for legal education. The course specifications are changing rapidly and colleges in Bangalore are adapting a very flexible approach to keep their relevance in this era of exponential transformation.

Law courses are experiencing a radical change across colleges in Bangalore and elsewhere. Specially crafted courses are offered with value addition courses bridging the professional gaps in a student aspiring for top career opportunities. Law colleges in Bangalore compete in providing the best career opportunities to widen their network of alumni across industry verticals.

Each college invests a dedicated resource in drawing the best organizations for their on-campus recruitment drives. Thus, widening the industry spread and scope with a talent pool of hundreds and thousands of business graduates entering the workforce.

Alliance School of Law is approved by the Bar Council of India (BCI), New Delhi. It offers two five-year, integrated undergraduate courses in law, viz., Bachelor of Arts, B.A. LL. B. (Hons.) and Bachelor of Business Administration, B.B.A LL. B. (Hons.) that have been carefully crafted and designed to prepare its graduates for rewarding careers in various roles and responsibilities in legal service organisations. students of both courses may select any one
specific area in Law out of five honours areas Intellectual Property Rights Law, Business Law, International Law, Constitutional Law or Criminal Law.

Alliance University is a Private University established in Karnataka State by Act No.34 of the year 2010 and is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi. The University is ranked 39th management institution in India (including IIM’s), NIRF 2020.


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