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Internship Experience @ Allahabad High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre: Got a whole new perspective on relationships

By: The Admin | March 24, 2017

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength


Application Process with contact details

You have to go the centre. There they will give you a form you have to fill it along with faculty ID card photo copy attached to it. After they have a vacancy they call.

Duration of internship and timings

It’s of 7 days. I did in April 2014.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day we were given an introductory session and were told the reason why internship is of 7 days only. Also we were asked questions and informed as to how and what will we doing in those 7 days.

Main tasks

Main tasks were to observe the mediators and make note of it. Observe the parties, the situations, circumstance and if lucky enough we were allowed to mediate as well in few cases.

At the end of internship we had to submit a report which included a brief narration of all the cases we were a part of along with what we learned.

Work environment and people

Vijay sir was very helpful and the work environment was very active and lively since there were lots of cases although mostly about marriage disputes.

Some on Negotiable Instruments as well.

Best things

Best thing was seeing how difficult it is to be a mediator resolving disputes along with the fact that we got to mediate few cases and help some families by giving our suggestion to mediators which were recognised by them as being very helpful and then acting on it.

Bad things

Bad thing was the lack of clean and cold drinking water since during summers we needed it very much.



Biggest Lessons

Biggest lessons were that how minor things end up being the reason for family disputes and eventually their drifting apart.

Also, that people need to be more careful if they don`t want to get fooled and end up in this legal spiral and that awareness of your right is extremely important.

Any Other Thing

Observing the Mediation proceedings provide a whole different perspective on relationships between people.

Overall Rating



I was a localite so stayed at home. No PG

Office Timings

I did during my college so our timings were 3 to 6 otherwise from 12 to till 5 depending upon cases. And timings were flexible in case we had to leave early due to some situations or reasons.


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