Internship Experience @ All India Reporter (AIR), Nagpur: Friendly Environment, Make Head Notes and Case Notes

Name, College & Year

Shivam Agarwal, KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneswar

2nd Year (2014 to 2019)

Duration of internship

23rd May, 2015 to 12th June, 2015

Organisation Details

AIR (All India Reporter) is considered to be one of the oldest law publisher in Asia and a pioneer covering a vast variety of legal judgments of different courts & tribunals in India.

Moreover, AIR has no specific functioning branches across the states but rather it has only single headquarter established in Nagpur.

Applying procedure/programs

AIR has no as such orientation programs for interns or any definite application procedure for the same, like what usually interns have to qualify for being eligible for their respective internship programs.

As from my first year onwards, I wanted to do my internships in some different places apart from NGOs or else working under an advocate so in the concerned time, after sorting my anticipated list, I called on toll free no, in reply I was asked to send my CV and other documents through mail and waited until then.

Working Place/infrastructure

Well, this Organisation has several academies which work in different segments for example AIR Law Academy & Research Centre, Airwebworld and some are recognised as ‘clubs’ like AIR Active Club which organises various academic activities like debates and essay competitions.

My interning section was law academy & research centre which was in second floor.

The infrastructure of this department was nice as it was just altered but overall company construction is still finished in old infrastructure.

Office Timing’s/work duration

Unlike other companies the office mainly functions for six days in a week excluding Sunday.

My office timing’s were 10 am to 6 pm, this stipulated time was allotted to me by the head of the editorial in my first day visit prior to the succeeding day after a healthy discussion, whereby I was asked to bring the hard copy of my resume along with some crucial documents like senior secondary results.

Nevertheless, behind those delicate discussions it was no special but merely an interview which I fortunately anticipated especially when I saw the diligent atmosphere working there in first my visit.

First Day, Comfortably Numb

The day came when I had to step forward, well being nervous entering in my concerned department I was ‘teased’ by the glass door as it was having password security interlocking system, obviously I wasn’t aware of the password as a result I drew the attention of the staff working there while I was pulling the door a bit hard.

Fortunately, realising of my presence a guard came and unlocked the password.

Well at their behest, after completion of all formalities and attachments taken, I was provided a separate block where I have to work along with other staff as usual. Yes, it was nice and laptop was too their along in front a bookmark tagged ‘Focus’.

As it was my first day, I was thoroughly asked which principle subjects I have covered and inevitably the question cropped what work to be assigned?

Therefore, by the virtue of being a first-year a long brief document of Law of Contracts was presented to me and was asked to edit or supplement the document with my own cogent reasoning accordingly, which was prepared by their research team and it really took days inspecting each part of it with reference to cases & textbooks.

Though working till 6 pm wasn’t an easy task especially as it was first day, but I was granted early leave by my intern-supervisor, she introduced to many associates who till end were good to me and asked many times if faced any problems.

Main Tasks

Primarily, for around couples of days I was indulged in editing works as I said before.

Finally, after completion of my foremost work I was soon handed over with some magazines which are published by AIR monthly, ‘Flairtalk”.

I wrote some articles however only the fraction of that would be published if you are lucky enough.

Furthermore, finally to gear my substantial work I was introduced to the gazette of India which trust me was one of the most maddening part of all.

Where I have to manage and arrange bulks of gazettes which took numerous phases as I have to settle them in serials with appropriate sections of different parts & sub-parts.

At that time my intern-supervisor was changed, well till then arranging part was completed. In furtherance to introduction of gazette, I was explicated with the method of excluding the immaterial gazettes and selecting those which were significant by comprehending the law or any direction written in it.

Moreover, assessment or any research work could be assigned depending upon the area of law you have covered.

Principle Tasks, Make a sense or else leave it!  

The most complex and profound task which one will find in Air is making Head-Notes along with case notes which is regarded as one of the most convoluted task in legal writing. Well my starting in making Head-Notes wasn’t good but was ok until then.

Conversely, I realized I am not compatible with this work, though around four of Head-Notes were sent for typing, made by me.

Ultimately, it bemused me. Soon I was told that I am making thinks multifaceted and using language which needs to be as simple as possible which a laymen could understand.

Subsequently, as a result I was barred from this task with the assent of chief-editorial board and then was introduced to the skill of subject marking of judgments which was indeed to of great deep learning of judgments & scrutinizing them along with learning the main functions of law reporters, how these things get done, in which area respective journals deals with for ex in criminal, civil or in international law.

Work Environment/Hospitality

The work ethos at Air is undeniably pleasant.

You would be asked each time to review your work whenever you commit a mistake or else they would assign you any other related task. I was offered biscuits whenever I use to forget my lunch and was asked if need anything extra.

I got opportunity to have lunch with chief staffs of the company, where not every person was common in having lunch there. In case when I didn’t came for the lunch, I was too reminded to join them.


Dissimilar to policies of other organisations, you will get complete access to internet, no as such obstructions are there using websites like Gmail or Facebook but yeah using Facebook might create a problem without taking prior permission. One should be satisfied with this frame at least.


The major obstacle which I found was that there were no certain learning program’s which can monitor students accordingly of their respective works. Thus, it created an ambiguous situation as from where to start and where to end  

Concerned instructors might be annoyed to shortly as they have no significant alternatives or orientation programs for students in case you didn’t met their principle tasks, then you would be doing work in micro level.

As far as food is concerned it might draw your kind attention, the canteen present at Air is mostly passive and in case it’s on working schedule, you would get only tea and samosa which are also not that effective to please your hunger.

Only alternative, contact a tiffin service. The composite part is the food culture there is of very ‘oily’ and ‘spicy’ needs so you need to be prepared for the same.


No, nothing special! At the end of my period I thought I would be getting any book or at least it recently published magazines, but they said only certificate. Forget the buck. Yes, in the end what you learn that matters but frankly speaking the law publishers can at least afford to gift some books to their interns.

Biggest Lessons
  1. Go step by step, your ladder will take you to your destination.
  2. Do not aim for the tree which you can’t climb rather aim for the one which you can go for it and try succeeding the same?”
  3. Be determinant but don’t lose your conscious.

Despite my uncovering of the principle subjects like criminal law and trying making typical head notes which even people learning for years find it baffling.

I got to learn the most of the comprehensives of judgments making, how rational works over natural justice & the essence of it. I wonder how easy work could be by making it easy & concise.

You don’t get everything, so better start adjusting

I wasn’t lucky to get any nearby accommodations and options available to me were also not decent as all were either too far from the office or have no satiability as most of them were pre-occupied by summer students who for ex were staying at least for 3 to 6 months concurrently.

Hence, I stayed in a hotel which was nearby from the office but the price for it was too far from other accommodations forget my even normal expenses.

My Biggest Blunder

I left Nagpur in between my internship duration due to some health problems. Howsoever, before leaving I was called by the head of the senior editorial for her last words and as a compliment I got due credits, “you can join us again for the internship in your 3rd year”.

Nonetheless, considering the work culture and facet of their program make’s this internship to be propounded for 3rdyear’s students & following, but highly not be recommendable for first year’s & second years,.

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