Welcome to BarHacker, the only course that has helped hundreds of students crack the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) since the very first bar exam in 2011.

If you are taking the bar exam for the first time or are re-taking it on 19 January 2013, do not worry – the groundbreaking crash course by Barhacker with a money back guarantee is back again.

BarHacker is run by iPleaders, a leading online legal education company.

When you register, please do mention Lawctopus as the source of information. Thank you!

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What does BarHacker’s material contain:

1. Advanced strategy videos on the All India Bar Exam

2. Material strategically designed to help with application based questions, that you can carry in

3. For those with weak understanding of any area of law, use our workbook to improve and learn just what is necessary. You would get the right kind of practice for Bar Exam and would not waste time cramming textbooks unnecessarily.

4. Very realistic online mock tests to take at your convenience – almost 50% of questions in previous Bar Exams were very similar to questions in BarHacker’s mocks.

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When you register, please do mention Lawctopus as the source of information. Thank you!

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  1. i will regard that i am a general counsel document are can be available in request now i deputy general counsel at high tech firm and will pass the aibe examination to entry i need the aibe example copy from the past i be glad if return this available anyway please reply promptly thank you very much and i wish you the best

  2. your add is for aibe2011 .where as the bci has drastically changed the pattern of the exam.will your course suffice the preparation?whatis the cost of the course material? what will be included in the material please send the details so as to get ready for the exam

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