Internship Experience @ Alba Law Offices, New Delhi: Learn About Arbitration and Intellectual Property Law

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Akshay Kumar Sharma, Lloyd Law College, 5th Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Alba Law Offices, New Delhi

Application Process

I applied for an internship with the help of one of my reference from the company. One can also directly apply for the internship on the firms website.

If the student applying for an internship is from Amity then they do not need to worry as their internship will be confirmed easily.

Duration of Internship and timings

1st April, 2016 to 29th April, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

As it is said First Impression Is the Last Impression so on the very first day I tried to reach at the mentioned time by the firm and was well on time there.

First day formalities are almost same in every firms you get to meet senior and other staffs of the firm.

Infrastructure was good and the firm can be easily reached by walking from Mandi House Metro Station.

Main tasks

Well the firm mainly dealt with Arbitration and Intellectual Property Law the interns main task included to daily prepare a word document on the IPR news and writing of the articles for the firm’s official website.

Sometimes there were some days when you are not allotted any work but you should not be forgetting that you are an intern at a firm.

Work environment and people

Work environment of the firm was comparatively good as compared to other places I interned.

The firm consisted of 3 Senior associates and 3-4 interns at the time when I was interning.

All the interns and associates use to have their lunch together and this was the only time when office talks did not take place amongst us.

Best things

The intern gets to learn many new things as the firm consists of associates which are young and they understand the mind of the interns.

This internship provides fun, knowledge and new connections. This internship also gives an opportunity to the law students to explore the IPR field of which many are not aware.

Bad things

So each coin has two sides heads and tales some what similar scene is with the internships.

At one point it teaches the best things and at the other moment it may leave bad things behind.

As such there was nothing bad in this internship but it’s always good for the internship provider to tell the firm’s rules and regulations before hand to the internee as most of the interns are freshers and take time to develop professional skills.


None. You may be reimbursed the travel expenses

Biggest Lessons

Biggest lesson in this internship never hesitate to keep your points during the discussion of any project.

They may be good or bad but you feel yourself attached with the organisation and it always helps you in building good relations with the law firm.

Always discuss problems during your internships with the associates of the firm not with the co-interns.

Any Other Thing

Just keep in your mind you are an intern. The timings frame are for interns and you cant’t afford to be late if you have to avoid getting scolding from your mentors.


There are P.G’s available in Rajiv Chowk, Pragati Maidan. I did not felt the need to stay in P.G. as it is always better to experience the life in rooms where you have to do your stuffs on your own.

Office Timings

The official timings were 10-7 and the firm was very strict with the timings.

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