Internship Experience @ AkzoNobel India Corporate, Gurugram: A Must for Budding Corporate Lawyers


Name of the Intern

Anjanay Pandey, IV Year Student of BA.LLB (Hons) in Dr. RMLNLU, Lucknow.

Name of the Internship Organization

AkzoNobel India (ANI) Corporate Office in Gurgaon- ANI is the company which is involved in the Paints and the Chemicals industry. The famous paint brand Dulux is owned by ANI.


Intern in the In-House Counsel/ Legal Department of ANI.

Address- 20th Floor, Tower A, Building Number 5, Cybercity, Gurgoan near Phase 2 Rapid Metro Station.


25 days, from 5th June to 30th June, The weekends were off and they follow a five-day week.


From 10 AM to 6 PM, with the option of leaving early if the work allotted was finished.

I secured this internship through a contact whom I met during my last internship. I showed interest in the In-House Counsel avenue and my contact graciously referred me to this place.

As far as I know it is difficult to get into these MNCs without any contact or reference.

So, the legal department of ANI comprised of 3-4 people in their Corporate HQs in Gurgaon.

The Head of Legal Department in India also oversaw affairs in 3-4 neighboring countries where the AkzoNobel was conducting business operations.

The Head of Legal Department was Mr. Sudhanshu Rai and the main Associate was Ms. Shreya Hasija. Shreya Ma’am was the person who handled and oversaw my work as an intern.

First Day

I was quite nervous as I did not know what to expect. I only had experience of working in Law Firms and did not know how the work would be. I came about half an hour early.

The Building Complex is quite huge and the access to the floors requires you to have an access card.

On the first date you have to show a valid ID and make entries at the gate and at the building entrance. Though after that I was given ANI’s Access Card for the rest of my internship period.

I had to make an entry and produce an ID at the building reception and wear an Vistor’s ID throughout the day and later deposit it while leaving. The entries with the reception were to be made daily.

On the first day I was taken to the desk of Shreya Ma’am and my computer was configured to be connected to their Guest Wifi access. My workstation was near the corner of the building and I was be able to contact Shreya Ma’am via Office Intercom.

My initial work required sanitizing and overseeing translation of some affidavits. Later, I helped in drafting an amendment agreement. So, all in all the first was quite good and defused most of my nervousness about the place.


As an Internship this experience was very rewarding. I was included in drafting affidavits, agreements, corporate compliance research, general research, litigation research as well as sanitizing and vetting corporate contracts and various agreement templates.

On some days the work was steady and quite fulfilling while on a few others there was no work.

Though the latter happened very infrequently. One of the plus points was working along with Shreya Ma’am who has an enormous experience and guided me along the way.

A high point of the internship was when she sat with me and guided me into vetting agreement templates, noting her observations and editing my remarks in the templates side by side. That was truly edifying.

The scheme of work for me was a series of researches and/or drafting daily and a long term research work which you had to submit at the end of the internship term.

I also helped in keeping records and amending litigation lists and I even got the opportunity to do some litigation research for a case in which ANI was involved.

Thus, my experience virtually contained the entire work profile of an intern of an In-house Counsel of a Company. Additionally, since this is an MNC with global operations some of my work was involved researching about foreign jurisdictions.

Work Environment

The work environment was quite good. This was my first interaction with Corporate Culture inside a company.

Most ,if not all my interaction was with Shreya Ma’am as she was the one who was handling interns. Despite her busy schedule, she was kind enough to tell me the nitty-gritties of working in a huge company as ANI.

This was supplemented by her mentoring me and guiding me through my work as an intern- finding flaws, suggesting changes and modifying my work. I had no co-interns and I was told that interns are quite infrequent in this company’s legal department.

So there is a chance you might miss the joys of bonding with a co-intern. But honestly the work makes up for it.

Also Shreya ma’am is quite adept at navigating between being a taskmaster and a peer so you’re bound to have some fun times while working.

Provisions for food and beverages

The Lunch hour is from 12:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon. You can carry a tiffin and get it heated in the cafeteria or you can eat the cafeteria lunch.

It costs a measly 70 Rs and is quite nutritious and filling. The building also has a lot of restaurants and eateries on the ground floor and you can have your pick of them.

Another highlights of this internship was the break room which had a coffee machine and several types of tea. In case the work made you slightly weary you could go to the break room and have your choice of beverage, be it a nice warm green tea or a strong espresso.

Things you’ll have to bear with

So the wifi which the interns use is quite slow. You’ll have to get used to the speed. This WiFi is for the guests of the ANI premises and the office workers have been given designated laptops which are connected to the faster WiFi.

Also, since the location is in Gurgaon, if you are in Delhi as I was, you’ll have to bear with the commute. Though a plus point is the fact that it is walking distance from Phase 2 Metro Station.

The days where there is scanty or no work are rare but do happen since not all the work can be sufficiently handled by an intern.


All in all, it was quite educational and fulfilling internship, a recommended internship for those who wish to acquaint themselves with the job of an In-House Counsel in a company.

The work is quite diverse and can teach you a lot.

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