Internship Experience @ Ajay Tyagi and Associates, Jaipur: Court Visits, Observe Court Proceedings {S}


Siddharth Jain

Amity University Rajasthan

2nd year

Date of Internship

1st to 30th June, 2015

Name of Organisation. Location (City). Team Strength

Ajay Tyagi and Associates, Jaipur

Duration of Internship and Timings

My first internship was in June 2015 and began from 1st to 30th June, 2015. I used to go to the court in the morning around 10 and in my office in the evening.

Some days either I didn’t use to go to the office or to the court.

Main Tasks

High Court Visits: The only short-coming of any law school curriculum is the inability to grant an insight into the practical world of litigation. The daily HC visits taught me how the court functions.

The adjournment of cases is in bulk, reasons being lack of evident proof to a lethargic lawyer. Understanding the calling out of matters and the judge’s approach to them comprise an important part of the field of litigation.

My main task during these visits was to observe the proceedings of the court and focus on the aspects of self-learning. I believe that there is a direst need to ensure a significant halt in the adjourning process in the court.

Analyzing case matters: In my both the internships I had the best opportunity to have a look either to the already decided cases or to the cases whose proceedings are to be done in the future.

It had really amazed me to saw that how the cases are being drafted in a well systematic manner.

Researching and reading case laws: Quite a few times I was given case laws to read and discuss the arguments advanced along with the ratio.

The process of looking for them in books and research databases was a huge learning experience within itself.

While reading them, various interpretations of the statutes were explained to me. I was also given the task of looking for case laws with a particular ratio to substantiate their cases.

The research involved was tough and I began from a clueless intern to understanding case laws merely by reading head-notes.

The major focus of the internship is to give the intern an idea on the proceedings of the court. Since this was my first court internship, I was really excited about the idea of visiting the court itself.

Research is carried out in the post-court hours. Work is never assigned to you and you need to ask for it. Though, they shall be ever-so willing to assist you.

Work Environment and People

The work environment was very healthy and the people were very co-operative and helped and guided me about some of the things which I had never known.

Best Things

The High Court visits and reading the files related to the cases handled by the firm.

Watching Sir arguing in the proceedings was a great experience.

Bad Things




Biggest Lesson

Litigation is lots of reading, hard work, toil and experience. There is no way a lawyer can shy away from slogging.


I live in Jaipur So, I stayed at home .

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