Internship Experience @ AISEC, Pune [NGO]: Student Run Organization, Loads of Fun

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Application Process with contact details

I had heard about AISEC from friends who were a part of it. I then contacted them on Facebook and got an immediate reply.

Soon after, I was called in for an interview. A generic interview, it lasted ten minutes and asked me general questions

Duration of internship and timings

September, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office is located in an apartment. Truth be told, it wasn’t an impressive one. Tiny and slightly cramped, it lends a dingy appeal. But the members have helped brighten up the area and make it look more vibrant.

Main tasks

I had to help getting students for the internship programme.

Contacting leads and following up with them was my main task.

We would meet at the office and discuss our progress.

Work environment and people

The people are easily the best part of the internship.

Since its a student run organisation, everyone were around my age and were college students.

They were friendly and loads of fun.

Best things

The best things for me was meeting different people.

It was like a fresh breath of air. It aids in boosting one’s social skills as well.

Bad things

It bears no association to law. It is truly quite irrelevant to the field.

It doesn’t help boost your knowledge in the legal arena. Since its student run, there are several snags faced.



Biggest Lessons

It helped me overcome initial stages of shyness.

I learnt to be more confident.

A break from law school, it was a great place to chill.


The office of AISEC is located at Dhole Patil Road. It has great places to chill and eat, Vohuman Cafe is a personal favorite.

There are a few PGs around and accommodation shouldn’t pose an issue.

Office Timings

There are no timings as such. It was quite flexible.


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