NLUD Entrance 2019: 28 Qs Copied from Official GMAT Guide + 1 Website. AILET 2018: 23 out of 52 Selections from 2 Centers!

By Rajiv Gupta, Advocate, Allahabad High Court


AILET 2019 and 2018 were compromised. Period.

AILET i.e. All India Law Entrance Test is an entrance examination which is conducted at an all India level every year on 1st Sunday of May. The entrance test is conducted for the admission in National Law University, Delhi.

There are various anomalies in the entrance test every year. Some of them are being pointed herein to present a scenario where the exam seems to be ‘fixed’. The rest is for you (the readers) to judge.

Consider the below 4 points below which expose the conduct of AILET 2019 and 2018.

Download the Annexures here for a nice reading.

1. AILET is possibly the only offline national level MCQ based entrance with a single ‘set’ of the question paper. Most entrance exams of such huge proportions have 3-4 ‘sets’ of question papers to avoid cheating, etc.

2. This is a shocker. In AILET 2018, 23 students of the 52 selected students were from 2 test centres only. The exam was taken in 50+ centers by nearly 18000 students!

3. In AILET 2019, around 45 out of 55 questions of GK & Legal GK questions were based on two months only. The syllabus includes GK of the year and static GK.

4. Also, in AILET 2019, 28 questions of English and Critical reasoning copied sequentially from two open sources. 23 questions were from one source.

1. Just one ‘set’ of question paper and 23 out of 52 selections from 2 centers!

AILET is a MCQ (multiple choice question) based paper. It constitutes 150 questions. Each question carries 1 mark. There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer.

There are 20000 applicants every year for the exam. That very well represents the seriousness and importance of the exam. The exam is conducted in an offline mode and the candidates are required to mark the correct answer on an OMR.

The exam has been conducted 12 times (2008-2019). All the entrance examinations, being conducted on an offline mode, has one thing in common. Generally, an MCQ based question paper has ‘sets’.

This means that every question paper will have the same questions but in each set, the order of those questions will be different from one another. There are at least 4 sets in every fair competitive exam.

In an exam like NEET (for medical entrance), there are 26 sets. This is mainly done to avoid mass cheating in the exam.

But in AILET, there is only one set, which is common for all the students who are taking the test. This is something which makes the paper completely prone to cheating. Cheating between two students, or even mass cheating in a national level examination, is easily possible. (Annexures 1 & 2).

Interestingly, in AILET 2018, out of the 52 students who got selected, 23 students took the exam in only two test centres.

What is even more shocking is that there are 12 students from these two centres in the top 21.

The test center codes are 47 and 37.

The test center code is the first two digits of the Roll number of a candidate. (Annexures 3, 4 and 5).

NOTE: You can download the Annexures here.


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2. Does current GK mean current affairs only for the months of January and February? For AILET 2019 setters, yes!

In AILET 2019, interestingly, around 55 questions were asked in the entrance exam from current affairs (35 in GK section and 20 in Legal section).

Out of these 55 questions, shockingly, more than 45 questions were concentrated from two months only i.e. January and February.

Either, all the important events which happened around the world happened only in January and February or the examination authorities possibly have successfully found a new way of leaking the paper.

By this, it is almost impossible to implicate them, but they could have given a tremendous advantage to some students, whom they might have informed regarding January and February GK.

Thereafter, they would have had to do only two months out of 12 months’ GK in a year. (Annexures 6 – 14).

Download the Annexures by clicking here.

3. Twenty-three questions copied in AILET 2019 from GMAT Official Guide 2019! More copying followed.

Twenty-three questions comprising Reading Comprehension (Questions 1 – 8), Sentence Correction (Questions 14 – 23) and Critical Reasoning (136 – 140) were sequentially copied from only a few pages of the GMAT Official Guide 2019 (freely available on a lot of websites on the internet).

The questions copied are as follows.

Reading Comprehension [Annexures 15-16]

Questions 517 – 524 of GMAT Official Guide

Questions 1 – 8 in the AILET 2019 question paper.

Sentence Correction [Annexures 17-23]

Questions 805, 802, 765, 761, 754, 752, 751, 749, 748 and 745 of GMAT Official Guide.

Questions 14 – 23 in the AILET 2019 question paper.

Critical Reasoning [Annexures 24-27]

Questions 626, 627, 628, 633, 634 of GMAT Official Guide.

Questions 136 – 140 in the AILET 2019 question paper. 

That’s not it!

Additionally, in the questions on poetic devices, nearly all of the options (including the answers) in all of the 5 questions (Questions 24-29) were taken from a single webpage of one website!

See the website they copied from:

If the examination authorities are giving 28 out of 150 questions from just two sources, and 23 of them from just a single source, then it is either the most horrible recklessness on the part of the examination authorities that has led to coincidences of a lifetime, or there is some foul play involved.


Side note: Read about the CLAT 2018 fiasco here.

Download the Annexures here.

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UPDATE: LegallyIndia has covered the issue here.



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