With ‘Collective Airing of Grievances’ Prohibited, AIL Mohali Students Take to Instagram

Some students of Army Institute of Law (AIL), Mohali have started an Instagram page, highlighting the high-handedness of the administration.

The Instagram page is telling of administrative conduct that is stifling, sexist, and violently intrusive.

Shockingly, AIL Mohali’s ‘Code of Conduct‘ for students prevents ‘collective airing of grievances’, which violates the fundament right of speech and expression and to form associations or Unions.

The exact clause reads:

Collective airing of grievances is not appreciated and will not be entertained. Those who have any grievances may individually submit an application or meet the Registrars or Principal and politely put across their grievances. The institute is committed to providing the best possible environment to study and pursue academic interests of the

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Code of Conduct? Or a 101 for dictatorial institutes?



The Code of Conduct is replete with such instances of autocratic diktats being issued in the name of discipline. Sample this:


Right to privacy? Ha ha ha!


One of the posts on the Instagram Page say:

AIL has been facing administrative failure since time immemorial. The protests at RGNUL are an inspiration to students facing similar issues across the country.

Each one of us here is serving a five-year sentence of rigorous imprisonment. This is a place where dating is a crime.

A place where cameras costing lacs were put up everywhere to scare the students but don’t work anymore because the prisoners have been warned and their purpose stands solved.

This is a place where girls can’t order food after hostel curfew and remain locked inside, making the jail even smaller, even more suffocating.



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