Humlab’s Agami Challenge 2019 on E-Alternate Dispute Resolution: Apply by March 11 [UPDATED]


Disputes are a healthy and essential aspect of a functioning democracy and market but our current platforms of dispute resolution, most notably the courts, are not able to serve our needs due to the huge pendency of cases before the courts.

Issues of pendency, the cost of arbitration, and misconceptions around the application and potential of mediation and other forms of dispute resolution are derailing business and society.

Even as we work to unclog the courts we need large-scale, expedient, cheap, and trusted mechanisms of alternate dispute resolution.


To address these challenges, leading organizations in the country have come together with the goal of creating an independent E-Alternate Dispute Resolution institution (the “E-ADR Institution”) that shall use a technology-driven dispute resolution platform, enabling large volumes of disputes to be resolved online – efficiently and economically – through arbitration and other mechanisms of alternate dispute resolution, including mediation and conciliation.

The E-ADR Challenge, launched on February 8, 2019, invites innovators, practitioners, and social and business leaders to constitute teams and propose ideas and qualifications to develop this E-ADR Institution.

Upon the launch of the E-ADR Institution, ICICI Bank intends to use the platform to deal with disputes arising in its products and services that are offered online, and will consider extending the platform to its retail liabilities and retail assets businesses, which would supplement the other dispute resolution mechanisms available to the customers of ICICI Bank.


The Challenge organisers are now inviting expressions of interest, based on the detailed Specifications that are available here.

We would invite you to view the Specifications, and to consider applying for the Challenge.

As would be apparent from the Specifications, it is unlikely that any one organisation would possess all the abilities necessary to fulfil the Challenge requirements, and so, we strongly encourage applicants to come together with others and apply as consortium teams.

A Guide to Building a Consortium is now available here.


If you, your organisation, or someone you know would like to be an applicant, or a part of an applicant consortium, we suggest you start learning about and connecting with others who are interested in applying to the Challenge (or may be interested if they knew about it).

To help you, we’re organising Participant Webinars and Agami Meetups.

Follow our LinkedIn page or this page for updates.

Then, once you have your team ready, you need to prepare your application and submit it on or before March 11.

This Challenge is a partnership between ICICI Bank and HumLab. Vayam is a co-organizer of this Challenge and it is supported by a wide range of highly credible collaborators and Ecosystem, Thought and Expert partners – Trilegal, Omidyar Network, Ashoka, and Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice (CAMP).

More details of the Challenge and the proposed E-ADR Institution can be found online here.

First published on February 15.

This post was first published on: 21 Feb 2019

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