Internship Experience @ Advocate Sanjeev Ralli, Senior Counsel for Delhi Pollution Control Committee: Congenial Atmosphere, Research Work, Stipend of Rs. 6000


Tushar dua

Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology

4th Year

Duration of Internship

15th October – 15th November, 2015


Advocate Sanjeev Ralli (senior counsel for Delhi Pollution Control Committee)

How to Apply?

I got internship through a recommendation of an Old Munshi/clerk Mr. J.P Singh who was with me in my previous office.

According to my experience one should always interact with clerk/munshi they will always help you to understand even pity things which you may hesitate to ask from your Superiors and they guys have no lesser practical experience than a practicing lawyer.

After the recommendation from an old Munshi/clerk I was required to send a mail to him with my CV and wait for the confirmation.

He gives preference to students who are from Delhi because it is easier for them to commute or at least who have already taken a PG or are staying somewhere in Delhi and secondly to students who are at least into their 3rd year or more and the one and the last mandatory thing for this internship is owing a laptop.

I got a call from his office to come for a personal interview which was basically for acknowledging me about hard timings which were not negotiable and for seeking a holiday I have to ask 4-5 days before.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

6 working days (Monday to Saturday); 9:30 am to 8:00 pm

The internship was of four weeks as according to the instructions seeking for leave was a difficult task. I enjoyed being treated as an integral part of the office but sometime I felt overburdened.

Once we even stood at the office till 10:00 pm on that day a security guard of high court came up to the chamber asked us to leave as he has to shut the building’s gate.

How big was the office? Team strength?

There were two chamber’s allotted to Sanjeev sir which they have combined so as compare to other chambers it was pretty good most of all it was very neat, organized and spacious.

There were two junior associates, two clerks and two interns including me.

Office was well organized neat clean and Sanjeev sir have one more office in Noida near his residence where we generally work on Saturday’s.

The environment of the office were pretty cool, every office-mate was very helpful on the other hand the pressure of work was very high as Sanjeev sir was not cool when it’s about work but in every meeting sir use to take me along even though I was an intern but I was to sit in every meeting.

First impression, first day, formalities

This was my first internship under a lawyer and I had no fixed set of expectations in my mind. I was late on my first day, had no laptop.

And I was the only one who was sitting in the waiting area and I was feeling quite intimated and also stupid for my lack of discipline and conduct. Mr. Sanjeev Ralli was not there and I was told to wait till he comes.

As soon as he entered he started commanding everyone inside the office and everyone immediately took to work. All the junior and staff sat properly and from FB shifted to Manupatra.

Immediately he asked me to sit down and made me write some basic details in the internship register, after which he asked me to start working.

But since I had no laptop I just sat there bracing myself for a good scolding. But he is not a short tempered person and gave me his laptop to work upon.

I was told about the general conduct from my co intern whom were very friendly and helpful.

Mr. Sanjeev Ralli was very strict when it comes to work and punctuality so the environment used to be very stressful for each and every person subordinate to him.

There was few restriction on who could intern under him. It could be anyone from 3st year to 5th year.

His trainees too ranged from 4th year to LL.M. students.

Though the environment was stressful but the style of organizing your time, files, clients, meeting was appropriate. One junior or intern may keep few justified perceptions against him whereas clients were always feel very satisfied with his style of working.

Main task

Every intern who need to begin with the learning aspects of internship has to revolve around the courts for checking up the listing of the matters associated with the office, checking up the paper books of the matter, maintain a court diary for keeping the daily schedule records these were the few important task instructed by Sanjeev sir which I had to begin working on these from the day of my joining.

The work that he gives ranges from data entry to sorting and replying to emails and the kind. Legal work was mainly the research work.

One of the reasons for giving me the research work was there is no technicality in it one, may do it without having too much experience in this field.

Sanjeev sir is one of the Senior Council for Delhi Pollution Control Committee thus most of the matters were related to environment protection and most of the time matters were listed in National Green Tribunal which was nearby Delhi High Court so there were no travelling expenses other than the daily routine expenses.

Although there is no shortage of work to be done sitting comfortably in the AC all day but the pressure of work till 4 pm used to be a bit high as per the general schedule after 4 pm we need to go outside the chamber the only things I  need to do after 4 pm was completing me research work or sometimes I use to sit inside the cabin for meetings.

He use to assigns equal amount of work to two of his juniors and interns and we were responsible for keeping a check on the dates for tomorrow’s schedule and for work revolving around those listed matters.

After you have been assigned the work, there was a pre-requisite to finish the work within a stipulated time and there are always so few people ready to tell you the procedure any number of times or even do your work.

Everyone in his office used to share work  but still everyone was burdened with additional daily routine stuff that many times I use to ask few procedure to my seniors or teachers.

The exposure was wide. Most of the time I had to rush to NGT for keeping a check on dates or for mentioning the matter. The hesitating of standing before the Hon’ble judges was descending thus exposure was wide.

One the very first day Sanjeev sir told me that you are an integral part of the office he kept his words by giving me no lesser work than any other office-mate thus apart for working under a stringent environment the breadth of exposure was wide.

Work, environment, people

The work environment was such that noone can sit idle in that chamber until Sanjeev sir is present in the chamber. Everyone in the chamber i.e clerical staff and junior lawyers were civil, friendly and not at all rude.

Just for the sake that Sanjeev sir is present in the office, we disciplined one another and supervised each other works and kept on reminding one another to submit the work on time.

If you sit in the room with him you are continuously monitored by him. So, no social media or torrents but those days when Sanjeev sir goes for his meeting outside the chamber then our chamber’s environment use to be like a college canteen.

Each day it was a different thing.

Sometimes even his wife Ms. Veena Ralli use to give us legal work but she was very cool and jolly.

Occasionally she checks your laptop to see if you are escaping your work but otherwise the atmosphere is very home like and congenial.

I kept myself updated on all the legal news of the world. We had daily newspapers and tabloids coming to office.

The best things & the bad things

The best thing was probably the organized and perfect working style which one should learn for setting up his/her own office of time.

Most of us bring our own lunch to avoid the expensive high court canteen.

It was the homely atmosphere outside the cabin of Sanjeev sir. Although many times all the staff get very pissed off due to the never ending work but somehow all of us were very helpful to each other and we use to take it easy.

Also after a few days when I received my internship certificate at the end it was a memorable moment when Sanjeev sir applauded his work and said “beta always stay in touch”.

The period of one month internship was a bit hard it was not lesser than a permanent job few things were very hard to adapt that was working late night for completion of work moreover I never use to get time for any other things in my life.


Rs. 6000/- one month but depends on the effort you put in and the repo you share with Mr. Sanjeev Ralli.

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